P. O. C.

She kept walking. I could tell she was in danger but I knew I could not reach her. That's when I saw the man.
He was coming torwards her. He covered her mouth and knocked her out.then I woke up.
Me being Abel to see the future in my dreams put me on edge. I quickly dialed her number and after the third ring she answered. I know I sounded wierd when I sighed. That's when I heard it, a scream.


14. Imposible

" i hate this part in movies. the good, handsome gentleman, ha to kill the bad yet beautiful woman." he said as he leaned closer


" what makes you think your the good one?" i spat. he looked taken aback.


" well, i guess you have the right to know. i'm part of the FBI, here to investigate the murders." he said in his silky soft voice. i just noticed he had a british accent. his voice sounded almost sad. almost. i was shocked.


" that's impossible." i whispered in astonishment. " i'm part of the FBI. i was a new recruit 10 years ago to the new POC program" he smirked. an evil type of smirk that made his eyes shine dangerously.


" stop all of your gibberish." he said. he was coming closer when i screamed, " stop! i can prove it to you!"


he stepped back and waved his arm just as someone does when they invite you into there home. " turn around." i told him. he did as i told with a big smile, with was getting bigger. i lifted my body so i could grab one of my bobby pins out of my hair. i flipped to just the right point to activate it.  i got them form the FBI's training weapons room.  they were blades and keys disguised as bobby pins.  


 stucked the key in the cuffs and they clinked open. i fixed the pin and placed it in my hair. i slowly stood up, using my training, so i would no make a sound. " ok" i said. he turned around and was surprised to see me standing right behind him. he jumped on me and threw me on the ground. he had the knifes edge at my throat just as his phoned rang.


he reached in a pocket with one hand and grabbed his phone. he pulled it open. 


" hello? yes sir i got a suspect."

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