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Alice meets the boys again. But three years later. And they find out who she really is. Does this cause Harry to not like her any more? Do they even stay together? Find out. (Sequel to 'I Can't Change)


8. we need to stop

I walk around the house. My room. It's the same as I left it when I went on tour. I smile a little at the thought. The clothes. The memories. The walls. I can't believe this was mine once.

"Missing your old home?" Harry asks walking in

"How'd you know?" I ask sitting on the bed

"Usually you don't look around your house." He says smiling. I smile back.

"You know I guess that your not that bad." I say looking at my fingers.

"What do you mean?" He says clearly confused.

"I mean that I think I'll give you another shot." I say clarifying it for him.

"You mean I can go out with you?" He says. I nod. I smiles ear to ear showing his dimples. I study him quickly. He put his hair in a high quiff piercing green eyes. The dimples, the tattoos all over him. He has no shirt on like the rest of the boys. That's gonna take getting used to again. My phone buzzes. I walk out of the room. I check the number it's John. What does he want I go out on to a balcony and answer.


"Where are you?" He asks.

"Why?" I question.

"Your on the news for one thing. And what friends are you staying over?" He asks.

"Well it's Sarah's boyfriends friends." I say.

"Is she there?" He asks.

"No." I mumble.

"Look just be safe ok. Love you bye." The line goes dead. I ignore the love you and go back into my room. I flop onto my bed.

"You ok?" Harry asks.

"Yeah." I answer.

"You want to be alone?" He asks

"No." I say.

"What can I do?" He questions. I push myself off the bed.

"We are going downstairs." I say. He comes down with me. I sit on the floor with Louis and we all tell stories till like one in the morning. I go upstairs and I lay on my bed. And Harry knocks on the door.

"Can I sleep with you?" He asks.

"Fine." I mumble and he gets in next to me snakes his arms around my waist and I smile. He loves me. He doses off be for I do and I here him say in his sleep.

"She's gonna rise and I'll be there every step." I smile and fall asleep with those words in my mind.

*day song comes out*

I wake up in my bed. Johns next to me I'm facing him with his arms wrapped around me. He was getting clingy again. He and Andrea broke up yesterday. But I need to go to a tv show today. So I wiggle my way out of him and change into a pair of white jeans and a orange tank top from Forever 21 and my black high tops. I think that's new favorite color (orange). I brush my hair. It's a Saturday so I let John sleep in. I grab my purse and walk out of the house to my car. I promised Harry I'd meet him at his house. Even though he owns his own. He lives in my old house. I pull up in the drive way and he runs out to the car.

"Hello." I say as he buckles his seatbelt. I back out and start to drive off to the tv studio.

"Why tv shows gotta be so early." Harry says. I laugh a little at his comment.

"I don't know Harry. You should ask them." I say. Oh if you wondered. No. We have not let the public know. We have been out together. But we don't hold hands or other PDA. We just laugh a lot and hug a little. I arrive at the studio with a bunch of other questions from Harry. We get out and we walk in. I see a room with my name on it. I thought this was for the boys. Oh well. I change into a floral sleeveless dress with a sweetheart neckline and tightens around my waist and flows out at the bottom. They give me some sandals. With heals. I get my makeup done and I look in the mirror. I look like Ariana Grande, oh well. They put a mic on me and I wait. In the room watching the boys on the tv in there. I get up and go to the wings.

"Lets being out Alice on to the stage." The host says. I walk out waving and I sit on the coch next to Harry and an armrest. The crowd ooo's.

"So we want to ask the question that the world is asking. Are you two dating?" She asks pointing at Harry and I.

"Well…" I begin but Harry goes.

"Yes. Yes we are." I shake my head. There goes that secret.

"So your new album is it true that Alice recorded it for you?" She asks.

"Yes it is and she is amazing behind the board." Liam says smiling.

"And even better in the booth." Louis adds.

"Amazing in front of the camera." Zayn says.

"And behind it." Niall says.

"She is well. She's not afraid of being herself." Harry says grabbing my hand. I blush a little.

"Is it true that three years ago when you first met her you wrote that song about her as a last minute song on the take me home album? Or is it just a roomer?" The interview asks.

"It's about her." Harry says. I sigh. This is just great.

"And Alice who is the song we need to stop about?" She asks.

"Well I've had a lot of experiences with boys and I can't use a particular one. There are a lot involved in this album and people who the songs are about. And some are about one guy and others more." I explain.

"You sure that its not one of these boys. Or all of them?" She is so nosy. I bite my lip because its true. That songs about them. I look to my right and all the boys are staring at me

"Well go on. Tell us." Niall says.

"This song in particular is about them." I mumble. I look over and they are trying to understand.

"You guys I love you now but before it was a little annoying and I wanted it to stop. And well you have to hear the song." I slouch back into my seat.

"Could you sing it for us?" The interviewer asks. I look at her like she's crazy.

"Come on Alice. You want us to hear it right?" Louis says. Yeah. No I don't.

"Sing it." Liam said.

"Sing sing sing sing sing sing sing sing!" There all chanting and the crowd joins. I let it get the best of me.

"Ok." I say giving in. The camera light goes off and Harry drags me to the stage.

"You stand here." He says and the crew brings a mic up. I don't want to do this. I want to curl up and die.

"Live in five four three two-" the camera man points and the host says.

"Welcome back. Now we have Alice singing we need to stop." The music starts I start singing.

"I was never fond of being alone.

But I was never fond of having you.

But I can't stop being around you.


Can't we just stop stop stop stop.

Can we just stop stop stop stop.

I need to stop stop.

You need to stop stop.

I can't be around you we need to stop (x3).


I keep on lookin at my phone.

Seeing all the missed calls.

That I'll never calling back.

Someday you'll see me again.

But this time it won't be the end.


Can't we just stop stop stop stop.

Can we just stop stop stop stop.

I need to stop stop.

You need to stop stop

I can't be around you we need to stop(x3).


I look to the left.

I look to the right.

Then I meet your eyes.

And you meet mine.

Everything is fine.

Until you say


I love you.

And I say!


Can't we just stop stop stop stop.

Can we stop stop stop stop.

I need to stop stop.

You need to stop stop.




Can't we just stop stop stop stop.

Can we stop stop stop stop

I need to stop stop

You need to stop stop

I can't be around you we need to stop.

We need to stop.

We need to stop.

We need to-"

I speak.


And I and standing there. My voice echoing. The crowd is silent. Then all of a sudden the clap on there feet. I shift so I am standing up comfortably. Did I really just do that? I have the hugest smile on my face. Then the boys come up clapping slowly and saying

"Didn't know that you had that in you." Niall says.

"What happen to the shy girl? Cause she's not here." Zayn says.

\"Who are you?" Louis says.

"What just happened?" Liam says confused.

"You wrote that?" Harry says. I bite my lip. The host runs up. And brakes the awkwardness.

"How about Alice everyone!" She says. And the crowd claps loudly. A whistle here and there.

"That was amazing. And lady's and gentleman that was completely unplanned. She got up here and just sang. Another round of applause!" I smile. I look over to the boys. They look a little sad. That's great.

"Thank you. I just want to thank Simon Cowell for the support and well his eavesdropping." I say. He was eavesdropping on me. When I was singing.

"This song is currently out on iTunes. Go out and buy it!" She yells.

"I'll see you next week!" We wave and the lights on the cameras go off and she hugs me an says

"Thank you for performing sweetheart. I hope that you could perform for us again." I thank her. The boys already left the stage. Great. I run off and go into the changing rooms and put on my clothes on and run out of the dressing room.

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