This is me

Alice meets the boys again. But three years later. And they find out who she really is. Does this cause Harry to not like her any more? Do they even stay together? Find out. (Sequel to 'I Can't Change)


5. this can not be happening

I text Sarah and tell her I'm coming over and she answers.

Ok. My boyfriend and his friends are over but I don't think you'll mind. You get to meet my boyfriend.

Whatever. I just need to be out of that house. I honestly hope that John breaks that heart of hers because he can do way better. I swear I'd go out with him again just to get them apart. Buy the poor girl a one way ticket to a plane that randomly crashes into the bottom of the ocean. You know. To be nice. I get to Sarah's house. It's actually bigger than mine but hey. I got the better car. I knock on the door and look at the cars. I count six not including mine. She opens the door

"Hey girl!" She says. "Now before you come in I should warn you. You might not like what you see." I nod and she moves.

"I see nothing." I say. I go into her stash of gum and start to chew it.

"I swear you only come here for the gum." She says. I laugh because its true.

"And to raid your fridge and to get away from John and his annoying girlfriends." I say.

"What's he got this time? Mrs. Perky pants? Or an annoying girl that's like five?" She asks leaning on the counter looking into the living room. Which is weird but fine I guess.

"No a freaking directioner. I swear she is over the top. Niall came over to tell me something and she flipped out. She wouldn't stop asking questions when she figured out who I was and then here's the worse part. She wanted to watch a movie and I just wanted her out of my house. But John said yes and she put in a movie she brought. She brought a movie. Who does that? So I make popcorn and she's like you might know this one. It's a little old. So I'm thinking its my all time movie the Ring as you know but then it's This is Us. I was going to slap her across the face slit her wrists and drop kick her out of my house. Then all these stupid memories came back of me having fun when the movie was being made and it was too much. Then John snaps me out of it and I say I'm leaving. He nods and Andrea's all it was so nice meeting you. Pauses the movie. She PAUSED the movie just to hug me good-bye and she was wearing that Our Moment perfume they made years ago. That's why I don't like this one." I say letting off my steam. This is why I like Sarah. She lets me vent.

"Well you wouldn't be this way if you stayed with the boys." She says. And I laugh.

"Like I'd ever do that. It's hard enough and please Harry and I would never last. I pretty sure he just loved me for the publicity." I say.

"I wouldn't be to sure of that." She says. And she closes her eyes and there are the five people that I don't want to see.

"Did you hear all of that?" I ask. They nod."Well that's just dandy." I say. At least I didn't add the part about me being happy that this is their last album. Right?

"Do you really think that I faked loving you?" Harry asks walking over to me.

"Aaa yeah." I say. "Like I ever loved you." I lean on the island as I said that.

"How come you never started dating again?" He asks then Louis chimes in.

"How come you didn't get back together with John? You live together." Of course all five have to say in unison.


"I didn't want to and I gave up on John long ago. He's coming to show me these fans of yours trying to get me to like you boys again but it's never going to work. You guys are by fare the worst boy band ever. I wish that I never meet you guys! Or that Paul didn't adopt me! Or that Simon ever created you! Also hat you all never tried out for X factor and were never ever in any kind of band!" I yell. They all are leaning against a wall far from me in tarrier and that's how it should be. I turn towards Sarah. I let out some air and calm down from the low blow I just made and say

"So which is your boyfriend? Wait let me guess it's Liam." She had a crush on him when they started. She nods. I point to him and signal him to come with me. We are in a bedroom and I say.

"You know she's my friend and you know I don't like socializing with you. And you know that I never answer you texts. So why on earth would you go out with her?"

"Be- be- because I think that she is a wonderful woman and that I can make her as happy as she makes me." He says trying not to be a coward. Granted my look as changed but the personality got even more bad(may I say)ass.

"If you hurt her I will hunt your little ass down to the ends of the earth and personally kill you and I will go to jail and say that's right bitches. I fucking killed Liam Payne." He looks at me funny.

"That's the first time I ever heard you swear." Is all he can say. "You look so sweet. What happened?"

"What happened? What happened?! Ha! I grew up. I am twenty-one years old and I can make my own decisions now answer me." I say.

"I promise I won't harm her." He says. "And when did you get so violent?"

"I always have been. But this time it wasn't said in my head." I say and I smirk as I walk out of the room. I go to Sarah.

"What did you do?" She asks.

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