This is me

Alice meets the boys again. But three years later. And they find out who she really is. Does this cause Harry to not like her any more? Do they even stay together? Find out. (Sequel to 'I Can't Change)


10. movies

I wake up to see that at some point John had moved into my bed and is currently playing his phone.  "Morning." I say and I poke him and he gets out and leaves the room and I look at my phone. Harry texted me I'll be at your house at noon. We're going out.  I smile and put on a believe it or not. I put on a dress. I put on a little sleeveless, above knee black dress. And a pair of red boots with a six inch thin silver heal. I brush my hair and straighten it. I put on some light make up and some silver jewelry. I grabbed a red leather jacket to match my shoes. I look threw my belts and put my same shade red belt on my waist. I looked in the mirror and I liked it. I left my room. It was eleven thirty. I'll tell you that I don't wake up early on Sundays. I eat some yogurt and a granola bar. I brush my teeth and grab my phone and purse. John asks "What you all fancied up fur?" "I'm meeting up with someone." I say. He didn't see the whole interview just why was posted on YouTube aka. The song. I left. And Harry was waiting for me. I ran in and he said.  "Good thing your all fancied up." I look he's in a suit and tie.  "What are we doing?" I ask.  "You'll see." He smirks and drives his car. We pull up to a fancy restaurant and theirs a bunch of paparazzi.  "You tweet this?" I ask. He nods. I have a twitter. But I never ever tweet. It's sad. I walk out and we go in and we order our food and talk. And we go back in the car. And he takes me to the park I was just at.  "This is it?" I ask.  "We have one more thing but its at six." He says. It was four. We took forever to eat because we were talking. A lot and that we kept on getting interrupted by his fans. So we just walked around the park for an hour and a half. Of course I took off my shoes. When we went back to the car I put my shoes back on and he drove to the house he and the boys share. We got out and relocated to a van that had them all and their dates in it. Including Liam and Sarah. Niall was with a girl named Hailey and Zayn was with Perrie no shocker. But Louis was alone.  "Do you have a date?" I ask him. He shakes his head. I nod and Sarah and I talk the whole ride I still don't know were we're going. We arrive and they all get out. And Harry and I are last. Lights flashing. Red carpet. Stars um. Movie premiere. We go to the photos and sure enough it's a movie. We all take pictures and go in. I sit between Louis and Harry. Awkward. The lights dim and we watch the movie. Harry does the cheesy yawn and arm around me. Louis has his hand on my knee and I'm just like blah. The movie ends and we all leave. Take the picture and leave. I sit down in the limo.  "That was a great movie!" Harry says.  "Yeah it was." I say and smile. We get to the house and we all get out. 
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