This is me

Alice meets the boys again. But three years later. And they find out who she really is. Does this cause Harry to not like her any more? Do they even stay together? Find out. (Sequel to 'I Can't Change)


13. it's time you all know

*364 days later* I pull myself out if the bed at eight. And I groan. My tour bus was nice. Aside the fact that I had one boy every night because they all needed a chance on the "good" bus. So I look over and see Louis asleep. I slap him.  "What you do that for?" He asks.  "Your bed happens to be over there." I say pointing to the bed next to mine. I had actual beds on my bus. Nice I know. He sticks his tongue out. I get out of the bed and go into the bathroom and put on dark red skinny jeans and a black flowing tank top. I pull my brown hair out. (Yeah. It's natural again) and put it in a loose fish tale down to the tip on my hips. Hair was a little longer. Oh but I had light blonde at the ends of my hair. Yep. Have you met me? I walk out and sit on the bed as Louis is in the bathroom changing. I Put on my black high heel ankle boots. I get up and walk around. The bus stops I get out make my way to back stage. Watch the boys do there opening set and I practice my show. It's nice. Considering the fact I will probably never see any of them again. Harry and I are a bit rocky. But he'll see soon. I change and watch them open for me. This is quite possibly their last show. Hope they made it count. I come out. Do my set. And I run off and changed into my clothes I came in and I walk out for they don't know about us. And my closer was we need to stop. Hey. It was still in the top 100. Then I make my announcement. Paul told me too. I say.  "Hello everyone." They all yell. "I think you all know that my real name is-" I'm cut if by John coming on stage and says  "Her name is Diana. But is also Georgia Rose, Victoria and now Alice."  "How do you know that?" I ask.  "Because. I've been there. The whole time. As I said. I watched you change." He says.  "You literally watched all of my lives?" I ask.  "Yeah. Yeah I did." He says.  "Guys. No I'm not a time traveler. I'm not a alien. I'm part of a group of special people. That go under cover a lot. This just so happens to be the real. Me. My actual name is Alison. Or Alice. As you know me. It is Alison Tomlison. I have absolutely no relation to Louis. Other than the last name." I say. They all stare at me. "That is why I named my album this is me. Because. At this show I'd tell you who I really am. So that's all I have to say." I walk off and I sigh. This is me. Harry stops me  "You have been doing this for years? Telling lies and keeping secrets? Alice why?" He asks.  "Because. I was originally supposed to protect you. And all those songs. Remember going to the club and you met Georgia Rose. That was me. Diana? Dating her and finding out her secrets? That girl was me. Victoria is me too. Obviously. And Alice just happens to be the me everyone knows. But not everyone. Harry you can't stop me from this. I am your I don't know protector." I say. "Not a performer. And I hope you enjoyed your last show with. The boys because. Well. You will hardly see each other. And that means my job is over." I brush past him into my dressing room and I grab my bag.  "Alice this doesn't have to be the end of us." He says.  "Harry. I have more important things. Because I'm a singer now. I've got to call…people. And have to quit my job. And now your just a has been. Harry. Your done with your career. I'm starting mine. Harry I don't know if we-" he cuts me of kissing me and he pushes me against a wall roughly but passionately.  "We can't." I mumble in between kisses.  "Yes we can." He says is some way the kiss gets deeper. He snakes his tongue in my mouth. Then he pulls away.  "Harry. Well maybe we can." I say. Then I walk out my mind foggy. I get my stuff off the bus and I get a cab and they go to my house. I walk out and there are random people in front of my house. Great. I just ignore them and walk in. I unpack all my stuff and sit on the bed with my head in my hands. I throw myself back and stare at ceiling. Then someone walks in. I look and see Harry.  "What do you want?" I ask.  "Can we start over? Like you know me for me not as another job?" He asks.  "Sure. Hey. Tomorrows the Brits. And it's your last one. We can restart out there. Or we could keep on dating?" I say.   "Really. But you said- really? Ok!" He is acting like a two year old. Reality check he's like twenty two. I laugh.  "By the way. I'm Lux's new babysitter apparently." I say. He smiles and he leaves. What did I just do? I lay there and I fall asleep some how. I wake up and it's three in the morning. Wow ok. I get out of the bed and get some food. Then I sit on my bed and eat as I watch tv. And my face flashes across the screen. They say the whole thing I just did and that I will be performing at the Brits. And that it could all be a lie. Oh well. I fall asleep again. 

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