This is me

Alice meets the boys again. But three years later. And they find out who she really is. Does this cause Harry to not like her any more? Do they even stay together? Find out. (Sequel to 'I Can't Change)


11. can't keep a kiss

"I gotta go home. Can someone take me?" I ask.  "I'll take you!" Louis says. Great.  "Sure go ahead Lou." Harry says. I give him a hug and kiss and I get into Louis car. It's a Lamborghini. "I see you finally got that Lamborghini." I say.  "You watched the X factor Video diaries?" He asks.  "Yeah. I did." He starts the car. And head to my house. We pull into the park I hate officially now. And I ask.  "Why are we-" he cuts me off takes my head in his hands and crashes his lips on mine. He pulls back and smiles. He starts the car up and goes to my house for real. I hope. He pulls up my drive way and I get out of his car and run into my house. Why my life gotta be so messed up? I pull out my phone. And I call Harry.  "Hey babe." He says.  "Louis kissed me. Twice." I say.  "What- tell me your joking." He says his voice getting angrier over the phone.  "Would I lie about this?" I say.  "No. But why does he- you know what I am done with his shit. He had don't this crap as long as I can remember." He says. Woh. That escalated quickly.  "Harry. Don't do anything to him. He's still my friend and I don't want you to hurt him. I'd do the same for you if you kissed one of my friends" I say.  "Alright. Can I at least slap him." He asks.  "Your gonna get in trouble." I say.  "Well as I have said before. If your going to get in trouble for hitting some one. You may as well hit them hard." He says and I laugh a little.  "Alright I love you by." I say. Then my phone rings. It's Simon.  "Hello?" I say.  "Can you come down to the studio right now?" He asks.  "Of course. I'll be there shortly." I say. I get into my car and go to the studio. I get to the floor.  "What?" I ask.  "On the boys album I want they don't know about us to be a duet. So can you and Harry sing it and have the others as the back round? And that way you can go on tour together." He explains quickly.  "Yeah." I say and Harry is already in the booth. I go in and we do our thing.  "That was really good." Simon says. We thank him and go. In the parking lot Harry asks. "Did he really kiss you?"  "Yes Harry. He did." I look into his eyes as I say it.  "I know your telling the truth because when you lie you blink a lot." He says. And it's true.  "Want to come over my place tonight?" He asks leaning on his car.  "Does this require me bringing clothing. For tomorrow?" I ask.  "Yes." He says.  "Sure." I say.  "Yay! I'll text you the address." He pecks me on the cheek and goes into his car. I wander what's in his head. I go back to my house and I see Louis car. I walk in.  "Lou? John?" I say.  "In the living room." John says. I go and see Louis and John talking. It's something about the stage setting. I don't know. John goes to use the bathroom and Louis gets up and pushes me against a wall.  "You can't keep a kiss. A lousy ass kiss." I'm pinned to the wall and I hear the water run and Lou goes back on the couch slaps a smile on his face.  "Oh John I wanted to tell you I'm going over a friends for the night." I say. He nods. "And I'm sure Louis would be more than happy to help you make food." I say.  "Sure. I'll stay." Louis says. I go pack my bag and hug John. It was already late. But we didn't have anything tomorrow. So we could stay up. I got to the address he texted me and I got out to see Harry waiting in the doorway. I laugh.  "You like a five year old waiting for his mommy." I say walking into his massive house. But I say nothing. He carries my bag up stairs and we eat some tacos and talk about his cat. I don't know why. Then we play with his cat. Her name is Molly. We watch love actually and I go upstairs and locate my bag. I change into my grey sweatpants and superman shirt. I throw my hair in a bun and Harry comes in. Already in his pajama bottoms(no shirt). He lays next to me and puts his arms around me and kisses the top of my head and mumbles good night and I fall asleep. 
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