This is me

Alice meets the boys again. But three years later. And they find out who she really is. Does this cause Harry to not like her any more? Do they even stay together? Find out. (Sequel to 'I Can't Change)


16. back in time

I push myself up off of the bed and see Harry mumbling junk in his sleep. I I look at the clothes that are from the tour. I put on red skinny jeans and a black tank top that flows. I brush out my hair out. Fish tail it. I look at my phone and see Simon wants me. Blah. First day really back and I got to go with him. Boo. I put on black high tops and go downstairs. John is sitting at the bar on his phone.  "What time did you happen to get up?" I ask. He laughs.  "Six." He says.  "You wake up too early." I say.  "Blah!" He says I pull out an apple from the fridge and take a bite. "Are you gonna marry Harry? For real?" He asks. To be honest. I really don't know.  "I don't know. He is well I don't know." I say. "I gotta go. But we should hang today. I'll call you. We haven't like actually hung out together in awhile."  "True chizz." He says. I smile and get my keys. And walk out. I get in my car and drive off to the studio. I meet up with Simon in the parking lot. He tells me to get back in the car and follow him. I do so and we end up at some collage. I get out.  "Simon why are we here?" I ask.  "You happen to have a little celebrity day were you go to school. With regular people." He says. This is weird. I walk in and everyone stops and stares.  "They are staring." I say to Simon.  "We'll your eight friends should be here shortly. Paul is taking them. And here we are. Office." He says we walk in and he signs some papers and I am handed some pages and walk out. I don't even have a locker. I'm given a bag that says  Celeb guest Alice Wow. Ok. I put the stuff in the bag and Simon leaves. I look for the class. Wow. I get there and I immediately get stared at. I just smile and sit in the back. Then John comes in. He gets stared down he walks over next to me.  "Why are they staring?" He mumbles "A. I just got engaged to Harry Styles after walking the red carpet alone. B. Your my manager and you in collage.  C. You associate with me D. I just almost said no to Harry Styles.  F. Your my friend. We good?" I explain.  "Yeah. Wait. You almost said no?" John says. Oops.  "Well yeah. It's just I wanted to be my own person and Harry keeps on getting in my way. And it makes me mad sometimes. When did he buy that anyways?" I whisper. "I was with him. He bought it when we were on tour and you were visiting people in New York and Harry wanted to go get you a piece of jewelry. He wanted to go alone but he needed a guard and you were with Paul so I had to go. I basically knew for awhile that he was going to purpose to you so yeah. I asked him what if you said no. And he said 'If she says no I will never give up.' So there for he would continue to bug you until you say yes." John explains. We basically talked the entire classthr second the bell rang we like ran out of our seats. I had to go to some other class. I sit in the back. And I'm the only one in this. And I'm alone. It's like going back in time to my high school years. 
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