Alex is just a 17 year old girl moving from Cleveland Ohio. She moves with her (old boyfriend) John which the two never properly healed from the terrible brake up. They run into an old friend of Alex's named Sydney. Sydney called up her boyfriend Zayn and the others tagged along. What happens when Alex meets the boys? Does John get jealous?


21. your dream com true

"Wake up Alex." I hear Harry mumble. And I open my eyes and I see Harry standing up already dress.
"Ugh I want to sleep." I said
"Get up honey you just have to get dressed." He said pull the covers off me and I see its five a.m I see Harry's in sweat pants, a white T-shirt(under his long black coat) and a beanie. I see that he chose my clothes again and we match. I laugh and I go into the bathroom and change put my beanie on and put on my tennis shoes because the rest of my shoes are in one of my two huge suit cases.
"Do you really need that much clothes?" Harry says.
"I planing on going shopping."
"Oh boy you should take Louis to do that."
"Hmm I'll keep that in mind." I walk over to my dad's room. I feel bad about waking him up but I do.
"What!" My dad screams.
"I'm leaving to go on tour love you daddy." I say as I give him a kiss and hug.
"Love you baby. I'll call you when I am awake." He says and I laugh and I have Harry carries my suitcases downstairs. And I ask.
"When are we going to the airport?"
"Right know." He says. And I open the door and trunk for him. And he says
"Thanks babe." And he pecks me on the cheek. And I go to my door but he opens it for me.
"Who's taking the car back?"I ask remembering that is a twenty minute drive to the airport.
"We have people to do that for us." He says.
"Oh ok. Can I turn on the radio?"
"Sure. I bet it's going to be out duet." He says.
"I bet it's not." I say and I turn on the radio and he was right.
"Darn it!" I say.
"Haha!" He say and we start to sing along. And it was actually a ten minute drive due to his reckless driving.
"Oh my Harry because of your crazy driving you cut the driving time in half!" I say getting out of the car but he pulls me back in.
"You must be prepared to run. Ok." He says. Oh yeah people know about the fact we are here to day.
"Five. Four. Three. Two. One!" He says and then we grab our bags and run into the airport. There two security guards meet us and directed us to a smaller gate there I saw the rest of the boys.
"Guess we're the last to arrive." I said and I saw that everyone was on twitter. But at the sound of my voice they all stopped and looked at me and then Harry said
"We would have been first if you got you butt up!" He said.
"Alright kids this way." Paul said. And we followed him. When we got to the plane. I'm sorry I mean private jet!
"Holy crap! Is this for us!?" I asked
"Yeah. You got a problem with that?!" Niall yelled at me.
"Oh no I've dreamed of this moment!" I said as I boarded the jet. Then Zayn teased me
"What being lock in a plane with One Direction?"
"No…" I replied
"Yes." Liam said.
"Well that's part of it. It's to go on a private jet with One Direction. Because I am going on tour with them and I am their newest member." I said sitting down next to Harry.
"Well this must be a dream come true for you!" Niall said.
"Oh come on its every single directioners  dream to be in the band here I'll show you." I said pulling up Instagram. I looked up my old. Underline the OLD friend. And her Instagram. @olivia_keimc_horan. And Niall cracked up at the name.
"You do know she is coming to the show right. I texted her last week and sent her backstage passes. I am warning you she is crazy she knows the length." I said to Niall and he shut up and turned bright red.
"Oh boy." he said.
"She even knows all of your lengths." I said and all the boys felt uncomfortable.
"Do-do you know my length?" Harry said awkwardly.
"No. She only told me Liam's and Niall's lengths."
"Why?" Niall asked even more uncomfortable now.
"Umm we had really weird talks. Ha ha. She is crazy. So I'm sorry if you get kidnaped and make sure that you don't end up in an elevator with her any of you." I said and there was a awkward silence.
"So did you find that pic!" Zayn said to get off the topic.
"Yeah. Remember that Pepsi commercial you did?"
"Yeah I was the lead." Harry said proudly.
"Here it is."
"Oh well then." Liam said.
"That's not all." I said and I showed them all of her pics.
"Wow she's crazy." Liam said.
"Yeah I know. You haven't seen her tumbler or twitter. Can you do me a favor. All of you?"
"Sure." They all said.
"Follow her. So I can shut her up pleasee!"
"Oh alright." They all said.
"What's her name on all of them?" Harry asked.
"It's the same thing." Then I got up and explored the jet. I can even make my own food. I started to make tacos when I saw someone in stripes and I knew that it was Louis. He hasn't said a word to me all day.
"Is that" He makes a sniffing sound "Tacos?"
"Yes it is Louis. Are you ok you haven't talk to me."
"Sorry I just feel really awkward around you now. With Eleanor not here."
"Oh I'm sorry." I said and then he walked out. I when I finished making the tacos I knew that the boys where hungry so I took one for myself and came in to the living room area.
"TACOS!!" They all yelled. And they all ran up to me and took the tacos of the plate. But the favorite thing is what Niall said because there was five tacos on the plate.
"Here let me take that of your hands." And he took the tacos and the plate.
"Well then. I said and I went back into the kitchenish area and ate my taco. And then I went to a couch that in order from left to right was Louis, Harry and Niall. I sat on Harry's lap. But I ended up with my head on Louis(there is a pillow on his lap). My bum on Harry and my feet on Niall.
"Hey I didn't give you permission to put your feet on me!" He said.
"To bad." I said pulling out my phone and put my earbuds in and Louis laughed at the fact I was playing a One Direction song. I hit him and I ended up sleeping for the rest of the trip. At some point the boys got up.

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