Alex is just a 17 year old girl moving from Cleveland Ohio. She moves with her (old boyfriend) John which the two never properly healed from the terrible brake up. They run into an old friend of Alex's named Sydney. Sydney called up her boyfriend Zayn and the others tagged along. What happens when Alex meets the boys? Does John get jealous?


26. we won

Chicken!!" And I was going to Ben but he got on Andrew. Toni was on Niall. Emily on Olivia. Rachel on Liam. Then someone came under me and latched on to he and it was Louis. Then Zayn looked at Harry and Harry pulled himself on top of Zayn and Louis and I where laughing together at Harry because he couldn't get on Zayn. Because Zayn didn't want to go underwater and Harry finally got on top of him and Ben yelled
"START!!" And I told Louis to go to Olivia and Emily. And he listened and Emily and I fought it out and I won and they got out of the pool and when into the jacuzzi and Louis when to Niall and Toni. We won that too. We looked at the jacuzzi to see Rachel and Liam in there and Harry fighting Ben and Ben falls off Andrew and they get out and everyone ooo's because Harry and I have to fight Louis goes up to him and Harry and I shake and we start to fight and Zayn says
"Harry hurry up your really heavy!" And I just laugh and we keep going at each other and Harry falls off from me actually. And Zayn is still above water and gets out and I get down from Louis and we high five each other and we let the others back in. And I was pushed in thanks to Liam. And I get up and Andrew pushes me in. And Ben pushes Louis in and so does Rachel. And Emily gets me. Harry and Zayn push Louis in. And Olivia gets me and I turn around and push her in. And laugh and we swim until eleven-fifty. Thats when we got out. When we go back to the elevators Olivia leaves it early and say her goodnights and we all mumble goodnight to her and when the elevator door closed and all the boys sighed simultaneously and I just laughed and Emily said
"What was that about?"
"Olivia is a crazy person and love them and she KNOWS things."
"Oh." Rachel says and we get off. I hug everybody and go into the hotel room and run into the bathroom and take a shower. I get out and put on a pair of sweatpants and a Cedar Point  sweatshirt on and pulled my hair in a bun and plopped on the bed(after brushing my teeth) and I pull out my phone and check twitter. Hate, more hate, love, little more love, and some pictures of the boys and me on stage last night. Then I post
@AlexMcGill17: Looking forward to tomorrow! You guys were amazing out in Columbus!  And @Louis_Tomlison and I beat every one in the game #chicken!
And I looked at my followers 50k. Then I see
@Louis_Tomlison: @AlexMcGill17 is amazing at #chicken we beat @Olivia_Kiemc_Horan+@EmilyBeyer13 and @ToniCany18+ @Niall_Horan. With a second place being
@Harry_Styles+@Zayn_Malik. We rule!! I laughed and turned off my phone. It was already past midnight and I put it on the charger and Harry came next to me. And grabbed me and said
"You have some very interesting friends."
"I know. Now I'm tired good night Harry." I told him.
"Night my angel." Harry said to me. I smiled.
*One hour later*
I can't fall asleep and I can't move. Harry has me locked in his arms. I reach for my phone. Got it! I thought. I turned it on. Once it turned on I went on twitter an saw
@ToniCany18: I would have won if @Niall_Horan didn't drop me! @AlexMcGill17
@Niall_Horan: I don't care if @ToniCany18 blames me. I think that @AlexMcGill17 and @Louis_Tomlison only beat @Harry_Styles because @Zayn_Malik leaned back and dropped him.
@Zayn_Malik: I didn't drop him @Niall_Horan if you were up close like @Louis_Tomlison and@AlexMcGill17 you saw him get pushed off by @AlexMcGill17 and I was still above water.
@Louis_Tomlison: think what you wish @AlexMcGill17 and I beat everyone fair and square.
Then I decided to post
@AlexMcGill17: @Louis_Tomlison thank you. But @Harry_Styles helped too. He knocked down @BenChips42+@DrewOd21 @RayRay25+@Liam_Payne. Then I got a text from Louis
'R u still up?!'
'Yeah why?'
'Well I'm all alone and wide a wake.'
'What am I suppose to do about it?'
'Come over here😏'
'😂 hahaha no.'
'I would but Harry has me I a tight grip😕 He is 😴.'
'Good night Louis.'
'Night night mommy. 😛' I laughed softly and put my phone away. And fell asleep to Harry saying
"I promise I will never let you go." In his sleep.

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