Alex is just a 17 year old girl moving from Cleveland Ohio. She moves with her (old boyfriend) John which the two never properly healed from the terrible brake up. They run into an old friend of Alex's named Sydney. Sydney called up her boyfriend Zayn and the others tagged along. What happens when Alex meets the boys? Does John get jealous?


19. we did it

"Did you bring a swimsuit?" Louis asked.
"No I-" Harry cut me off.
"Yes she did!" He says and he pulls out one of my bikinis and I laugh really hard.
"Something tells me that you planed on stopping here." I tell Harry.
"Yes I did." And he throws the bikini at me.
"You have an indoor swimming pool?" I say to Louis.
"And an outdoor." He says with pride. And Harry says.
"Let's go swimming!!" And he points to a door an says
"You can change in there." And I go in to the room and I can tell that Liam stays in this room when he is over. It has Toy Story things all over I go into the bathroom and change and I put my clothes into a bag that Louis gave me. And I walk out. And I see that all of the other boys came over and they are in there swim trunks. And Sid is here and I run over and hug her.
"I live next to you and I haven't seen you where did you go?" I asked.
"I still live there but I was on vacation in Australia. I left after your birthday."
"Ohh." I said and then I look in the kitchen and I see that Harry is eating another taco. He shoves the rest into his mouth and Zayn said.
"Let's go swimming!!!" And Harry came up to me and grabbed my hand and he pulled me through the house and we ended up at the pool and Louis turns on the radio and the announcer says
"And now for a number one debut 'When I Close My Eyes' by Alex McGill and Harry Styles!"
"Your kidding me!" I say. And then everyone jumps in but me because I am laughing and next thing I know Niall pushes me into the water and I jump up and he comes in and I splash him.
"That's not nice!" I yell at him. An then Harry swam over behind Niall and dunked him underwater.
"Thank you Harry!" I said and I hugged him and he dunked me under and he swam away. And when I came back up I screamed
"Harry Edward Styles! You did not just do that!"
"I did and I'm proud of it!" He yelled
"Pipe down I've got neighbors!" Louis yells. Then Niall and I look at each other and we nod and we start to chase Harry around the pool outside of the pool. And we eventually ran him outside and chased him off the diving board into the outdoor pool with a splash and we ran inside and locked the doors. Of course I eventually gave in and I opened the door and pulled Harry into the jacuzzi.
"Sorry I locked you outside." I told Harry.
"It's ok. I still love you." He said scooting closer to me. Then 'What Makes You Beautiful' came on and he pulled me close and sang along with his forehead touching mine. Holding me close and at the end he leans in and kisses me.
"I truly love you Alex." He said and I felt uncomfortable. So I just smiled and nodded. And Louis says
"Get out of my house now all of you! The neighbors said they'd call the cops!" With that we all ran out of the pool. And I changed and so did Harry and we went to the car.
"So I suppose you will show me your house now." I said to Harry.
"Yep." He said with the popping sound on the 'p'. And he pointed to Liam's and Niall's house and when we were at the end of the complex on a road that leads to his house(more of an extremely long driveway).
"You have this house and you are living with me and my dad and John!" I said.
"Um.… yeah." Harry said unlocking the door and it looks amazing.
"Harry why are you living with me in my tiny place when you can live here."
"I don't know yours is more cozier mine." He said. Then he looks at the time. It's eight o'clock he pulls out his phone. I pullout mine and I look at the charts. Our song is number one. I knew that at that moment was the start of something amazing.
"Congrats on your first hit song." Harry said pulling me into a hug. And kisses me. And that eventually becomes us making out.
"Harry I'm hungry." I say. And I look at the time and I see its nine already. I get off of Harry and look over his food. I decide to just order Chinese food. Then I get a text
From: Paul
Tomorrow you kids go on tour.
"Great." Harry moans. I see that he got a text to. We eat the Chinese food and we leave. When I get back home I go upstairs and start packing Harry follows me and goes into the guest bedroom and puts his stuff together. When I finish I lay on my bed in my pjs and Harry lays down next to me. I sigh and say.
"I'll be right back." And I go outside onto mine and John's balcony and some one comes up behind me.

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