Alex is just a 17 year old girl moving from Cleveland Ohio. She moves with her (old boyfriend) John which the two never properly healed from the terrible brake up. They run into an old friend of Alex's named Sydney. Sydney called up her boyfriend Zayn and the others tagged along. What happens when Alex meets the boys? Does John get jealous?


2. sleepover

I got there and my dad says:
"You like my surprise with your best friend?"
"Yes daddy I love it. Thank you!" I replied.
"I suppose that you want to go back over right?"
"Please of course I do. Can I stay the night?"
Then I quickly finished my food and ran up stairs to get ready. When I got up in to what John decided was my room I saw my phone with four texts on it reading
From:Hot Irish (Niall)
'R u coming back? Please do🙏'
From:Lover boy (Harry)
'Yo! Hottie you coming back?😋'
From:Sexy Beast (Lou)
'Yo! Girly we need yo presence😏.'
From:Lyyeeem (Liam)
'Hi. Can you come back?😊'
To: Syd
'I am coming over to stay the night in 10min. Tell the boys'
'Told them they are so happy'
'Thought so they all told me to come back.'
I threw a bag together and ran out the door. When I managed to get across the lawn. I got to Syd's porch and before I knocked the door flung open and I fell in to Harry's arms.
"Good catch." I said
"Thanks" he said.
"Nice name in my phone by the way." I said and he just smirked.
Then when I walked in to the living room Niall saw me and said
"Hey no fair! Lou! Harry got to her first!"
"Sorry I kinda flung the door open when I saw her. And I caught her falling." Harry said.
"I don't think I introduced myself. Hi Alex, I'm Zayn Syd's boyfriend." Zayn said.
"I think some one in this room needs to explain some thing to me." I said then I pointed to Syd, and she popped from her seat next to Zayn. She took me out on to the porch and I said
"What the hell is going on how do you know Taylor Lautner,and  One Direction?"
"Well when I came here Taylor was living across from me. But when I got
here I didn't know that so I did what you did and visited the person across the street and it happened to be him. And then we dated for six months and then broke off." She told me.
"That's nice I would still like to know how on earth you know One Direction?"
"They found me. They moved in to the house on the other side of me and they saw me in my backyard. Only Zayn came though. And we've been dating for three months now." Then as if he had a que Harry opens the door and caught me again.
"Will this happen all the time?" I asked him.
"Maybe." Harry answered. When I got back in I didn't see that Harry was holding my wrist.
Then Lou yells
"Truth or Dare!" And we all sat on the floor. I ended up sitting next to Harry and Niall. Then I started asking Syd
"Truth or Dare?"
"Truth" she replied.
"What was the best thing that ever happened to you?"
"Well I met Taylor Lautner and Zayn."
"Booooo!" We all said.
"Alright alright……" she said as the game continued. It went on for two hours until I said
"Ummm… I need to shower Syd. Because they all look like they plan to spend the night." I said popping up and ran into one  of the four guest rooms to grab my things.
"I am going to Nando's I'll be back in 20 minutes." Said Niall.
"I am tired I'm going to bed." Syd said.
And then I hopped in to the shower and started to sing 'HeartAttack' by Demi.
Harry's P.O.V
When I was walking to find a bedroom I heard the most amazing singing coming from the bathroom. Then when Alex walked in to her room, in sweatpants and an oversize T-shirt and her hair in a wet bun I followed and asked
"Was that you? Singing?"
"Oh My God you heard that!" She replied.
"Umm yeah and so did everyone else here. You are really talented and loud."
"No problem." I said "Hey what if I take you to see Simon tomorrow?"
"Ok" Alex said. Then walked into a room and then I heard Niall say
"Taken" said Liam.
"Sorry, Taken" said Lou.
"Great I get to sleep on the couch." I mumbled to myself. And I plopped down and next thing I knew it was two in the morning.
'R u up?' I sent to Alex.
'Well I am now. What?'
'I can't sleep on this couch.'
'Poor Harry'
'I am not trying to be a perv. Can I come in to your room?'
'Sure I have a big bed.'
Alex's P.O.V
Harry came in with only a pair of sweatpants on and I moved over so he could lay down.
"Did you check you photos yet?" Harry asked.
"No. But I will in the morning. Good Night Harry." I said.
"Good night love." He said. Wait! Wait! Wait! Did he just call me love? Whatever. Before long Harry had both his arms around me and had me pushed up against him like a kid's teddy bear. But l didn't mind.

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