Alex is just a 17 year old girl moving from Cleveland Ohio. She moves with her (old boyfriend) John which the two never properly healed from the terrible brake up. They run into an old friend of Alex's named Sydney. Sydney called up her boyfriend Zayn and the others tagged along. What happens when Alex meets the boys? Does John get jealous?


17. rehearsal and concertThen I hear over the speaker

"OH MY GOD!" Louis says
"What?!" I say
"You two blew me away you had such good chemistry out there. You two took that song and turned it into something beautiful." He said and I put my head into Harry's shirt and I felt the blood rush to my cheeks. I stayed that way for two minutes. Oh God there staring at me.
"A- A- and you look beautiful." Liam said looking at the floor.
"You are a natural performer." Zayn said patting my back.
"Thanks." I said. "But it helped that I had Harry up there with me." I said.
"Awwww." They all say.
"Who's cheesy now?" Harry says elbowing me.
"Me." I say and we pull into a huge arena.
"Oh. My. God." Was all I could say as we walked in to the arena. Harry had to practically drag me to the stage because I was admiring the whole place. When I got on stage I had zoned out.
Harry's P.O.V.
Alex is completely zoned out and it's kinda funny. She is swaying around the stage until we needed to rehearse we all waved our hands if front of her eyes. Snapped our fingers and nothing worked.
"Can we dump water on her?" Louis asked with a devilish smile on his face.
"No! It would get all over the stage!" Paul yells at us then Niall yells
"Harry Died!!!" And she snapped out of it.
"I see what you did there." I said be cause she pulled that on us on Tuesday.
"Oh yeah sorry is this a sold out show?" Alex asks.
"Yep." Liam says making a popping sound on the 'p'
"Oh My God! I can't do this. I mean I have performed in front of large audiences before in my singing group but I never did a duet. I mean I have always dreamed of this moment that the world will know who I am and I no longer live in the shadows being taken down by the kids that I thought where my friends. And I can stand up and that they realize that they should have been nice to me but I- I-" I cut her off
"You will do fine. I promise." I told her. "Let's rehearse."
"Ok. Lets sing it will take my mind off of this." We sing together and then Paul said
"Alex what about you join the boys in some songs? It will make you more popular and the guys too. Maybe we will finally appeal to boys. How about it?"
"Oh My God. I don't know I mean I'm not on any soundtracks I don't know maybe I think it's up to the boys. Guys?" She asked. And I nodded and so did the rest of us.
"It's decided Alex you get to sing the notes that nobody can hit. Here take these. Boys take her into the music room and teach her this part on the piano." Paul said as he handed Alex many music sheets.
Alex's P.O.V.
"Guys I don't want to do this. I don't think I can. I mean I am better off just singing by myself why did you say yes!" I half yelled at them.
"We know you can. You were the one singing 'One Thing' two notes higher than Zayn. And it sounded good with the recording. So guess what missy stop your complaining and learn this music." Louis said to me he's so sassy. I wonder why.
"Fine." I mumble. "Up all night like this all night." I sang two notes above Zayn
part. I learned Up all Night, Gotta to be you, More than This, I Want, Tell Me a Lie, Everything About You and moments.
"Oh God I don't know if I can do this." I said breathing heavy.
"You'll be fine you know all the words." Harry said trying to comfort me.
"Miss. McGill they need you in wardrobe." The stage manager said.
"Ok." I said to the stage manager. Then I turned to Harry. "I love you." I said as I kissed him. And I was pulled a way. I think I heard Harry mumble something but I don't know what it was.
"So what do you want me to wear?" I asked looking at the rack full of clothes that are I think for me. I wonder how they got all the clothes so fast.
"Well because the guys wear semi casual clothing so here take this." She said
"Thanks." I said with out looking at it. When I walked into my dressing room I saw that it was a blue spaghetti strapped tank top with shiny black jeggings, I got dressed.  I walked back into wardrobe and asked for shoes.
"Oh yes you do need that. Here." She handed me a pair of white high-tops I was so glad that I didn't have to wear stilettos again. When I was walking to my dressing room I was stopped again by stage managers
"Let me guess hair and makeup." I said.
"Yep." She said and she pointed to a room and I walked to it.
"Hi Alex!!" Liam said as he was asking out.
"Where's everyone else?" I asked
"Wardrobe." He said that made sense. Their boys am I'm a girl.
"What are you doing to me?" I asked.
"Actually not much I just need to curl your hair. And put some blush, light link lipstick and some black eyeliner."
"Oh ok." I said sitting in the chair. And I was done in ten minutes.
"Thank you." I said.
"No thank you. The boys squirm when I put their makeup on."
"Oh well ok bye." I say as I walk to my dressing room. And I see a rose on my vanity. I walk over to itThen I hear over the speaker
"Alex and Harry on stage in five minutes." An it statics and turns off. I put down the rose and walk out. I follow the signs and I found everyone.
"Alex!" They all whisper-yelled
"Guys!" I said.
"Here." Harry said handing me a mic. I looked at it and it said Alex along a side of it.
"I love it!" I said
"It's from all of us." Louis said.
"We all have something special to tell our mic's apart. See." Niall said handing me his mic. It had a orange, white, and green. Band on the bottom. And they did a before show ritual and Harry sprinted to the other side if the stage and the lights dimmed and
"You know I have always wanted to famous and now's my chance to get out there." My voice came over the speakers. I recorded it Thursday. Then it was black and the set we use for this song comes down. (A wall that splits the stage in half and we take our places and the music starts. We sing our song. The wall comes up and the next song starts.
*last song on stage.*
"Up all night!" We all sang. And we all bow and the crowd cheers. And we walk off. I hear
"Alex! Alex! Alex!……" Coming from the crowd. In fact it's everybody. Next thing I know Louis pushes me on to the stage and I sing my song that I just recorded. 'What Happened to Imagination'. And everybody screams. And I just laugh and smile. The biggest smile I have ever smiled. And turn around and I saw I was the only one on stage. Oh My God. I just sang solo an this huge stage in a huge arena that's sold out. I wave and I walk more like skip off. And I practically jump on to Harry's back. And he almost falls over. He carries me on his back into the boys dressing room. Then he squats on the floor.
"Get off."
"Ha ha! No." I said.
"NOW!!" And he started to jump up and down.
"No!" I yelled. And then Niall pulls me off of Harry.
"Now we have to go to a signing in the lobby. That's why you needed to get off of Harry." Liam said to me. And Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me into the hall as I was being pushed by the other four. And Paul made us stop and if the boys weren't behind me I would have fell.
"I'm good." I said.
"Ok Alex stand in front of Harry. Louis behind Harry. Niall behind Louis. Zayn behind Niall. And Liam behind Zayn. Good." And he pointed to a door and he left an I opened and I sat down there was a sharpie and a bottle of water and there was a huge line of people in front of me.
"Can you sign this for me Alex." A girl asked me.
"Sure." I said as she handed me a book.
"Here." I said when I finished. We signed stuff for another hour and we broke off to different stations for pictures. The line started with me and ended at Liam. And we did that for two hours. When we finished we left and went back to the dressing rooms. I changed into my T-shirt and leggings. I went to wardrobe and gave them back the clothes and shoes. Then I walked into hair and makeup an asked
"Do you have makeup wipes?"
"Yes here." The makeup person said pointing to big box that should be full of makeup wipes. The boys must have been here already there was three left. I took one into my dressing room and wiped it off. And threw it into the garbage can a I sat down in the chair in front of the vanity and picked up the rose. My door was open when Harry knocked
"The boys and I are going to Nando's want to come?" He asked.
"Sure I'll come." I picked up my rose and walked next to him and he stopped me and said to me
"What's this. A rose. Who's it from?" He said.
"I really don't know look it says unknown." I said handing him the rose.
"Wow you have a secret admirer." He says. And he walks back to his dressing room. I sit down in front of my mirror.  Not so secret. I pull out my phone and text
To: Johnny:D
We need to talk.
From: Johnny:D
Ok when?
To: Johnny:D
 I don't know but we need to.
From: Johnny:D
I stand up and put my phone in my in my pocket and  walk out the door. I knock on the boys door and Harry opens it.
"Why helloooo." He says looking down at the rose in my hand. And then he looks over his shoulder and pulls me in and I end up on his lap. I scoot of of it and I sit in the spot next to him. When I look up I see the boys all half naked. They all have pants on but they have no shirts.
"Grrrreeeeeaaaaatttt." I said
"What's wrong?" Harry asks.
"Them." I say pointing to the rest of the boys that are trying to annoy me.
"What did we do?" They asked.
"They have no shirts. But I'll live." I say groaning. Next thing I know the boys hug me. Then Paul walks in.
"Go put on shirts boys." Paul said.
"I win this time!" I was referring to this morning when they stayed in their boxers.
"I'd throw you out the window but there's none in here. So I will later." Niall said. Then I crossed my arms and said
"Humph." And they all put their shirts on. And them we were escorted to the front of the theater. An before we walk out Harry grabs my hand and says
"I love you." I didn't reply. I didn't have time. The door opened and there where cameras flashing. Paparazzi for sure there was people holding notebooks and pens, sharpies, cameras. Anything really. Paul said
"You have five minutes to meet these fans then to the limo. Go!" And we all split up but Harry kept holding my hand. But we had to let go to sign autographs. I wrote on wrists, notebooks, napkins, t-shirts and even socks. It was weird I took pictures with some people and then I was escorted to the limo by Harry and the door closed and then people started running after us. I pulled out my phone and recorded it and took pictures. People even tapped on the doors. When I stopped recording the sunroof opened and Louis said
"Come on let's wave." And then he stood up in the roof and waved and the other boys followed. Harry pulled me up and I waved to. It was so fun. When we got down it closed and Niall said
"To Nando's!" We eventually lost the screaming fans and I turned on the radio and what do I hear?
"You don't know you don't know your beautiful!" And we all start laughing and singing really loud.
and I study it.  I see that it's from unknown. Gee I wonder if its from John. Most likely.

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