The Hunt


3. July 7 1800: Night

The hot day was tiring to my relative on that day and the night shift was a girl like me her name was Heather she is 14 and was in the eight year. She had short red hair like a red Christmas candy cane . She was a soft spoken young adult that wore the traditional clothing of that time century . She was a very popular girl in her grade. Like I said her family was wealthy and high respected. So she was never made fun of or disrespected till that night. Heather had a redish- orange hair with a lot of freckles on her skin she was a beautiful young lady. She was very independent person as well. The family normally took shifts (Atleast one person  from the family always had to been watching the town). Heather would take the end-day shift to mid-night shift ( 8pm -12pm in today times). Heather sat there and watched the citizens scurring around preparing for night. She saw the drunk men stumbing and disturbing innocent women. Heather warned the drunk men to reort back to there house untis and to sleep oit off. th men did as told and wondered off. Heather was not tired at all she got use to this shift but her shift was almost over and her cousin Mitchy would be here soon to relive her fro  her shift. As mitchey arrived Heather went back to her house wondering to sleep. Mitchey was very tired he was not use to this shift yet, he use to work daytimes. As the stars where dancng threw the sky and the moon started to sing his night song mitchy dosed off to a deep sleep . Until he woke to the town people screaming they where under attack by Indians for up the river. mitchey failed his job and his family would be punished. The men 21 and older started to fight the Indians MItchy was only 17 so he could nit fight he had to go to the family unit nd hid in the cellar with the rest of the family. also in hiding was women and children. After the fight the Indians lost and the town won. But now thee punishment Heathers family was banished and could only take clothes with them. So they did as told and set off.

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