12 Days *COMPLETE*

People always use the saying "When one door closes another one opens". For me this was the chance to save my best friend's brothers life or to lose mine.


11. Time's Almost Up



It's been 8 days since the crash and Cole still hasn't woken up. I've gone into a stage where I don't talk to anyone, I do still speak but it's rare, or move. I'm still sitting in the chair next to his bed holding his hand for dear life. I haven't eaten and I only get up to use the bathroom. Cassidy comes to visit us everyday but not even she can break me out of this dark place. If Cole doesn't wake up in 2 days he'll die again, and I'll die too. Sitting here has made me realize how strong my feeling are for Cole. If he doesn't wake up I don't know what will happen to Cassidy, as my fate and Cole's have already been decided. She'll loose both of us. There is talk of taking Cole off of his life support but only then do I break out and speak shutting down the idea. Cole's parents have come to an understanding that they may have to say goodbye. They don't think he'll wake up. I know he will, or at least I believe he will. Cole's a fighter and because of that he won't stay asleep. Currently Cassidy and I are sitting on the chair together just watching Cole. Nothing can break my stare from him still.

My parents come everyday like Cassidy. Today they asked me what I wanted for my bithday and I said "I want Cole to wake up. That's it." They don't push the point after that and I'm grateful.

Cole's doctor is coming in less than 5 minutes to check on him. If he still isn't showing signs of doing better they are going to make the final decision of taking him off his life support. I'm praying he's doing better and that he'll wake up soon beacuse I'm not ready to say goodbye to him, or my life. I still need to save him and I'm not going to give up. He still needs me. The door knob to his room turns and the doctor walks in. This is it. I may have to say goodbye. The doctor has a clipboard in hand with previous checkups on there to see if he's improved. I'm afraid. As he works he's shaking his head and I know it can't be good. I'm going to loose him, I'm sure of it. The doctor finishs and clears his throat as he's about to tell us the news. But before he can say anything Cole's fingers twitch. And then he grabs my hand back. He's waking up and I can save him. I was right all along. I'm not going to loose the boy I love after all!


Author's Note:

There's only 1 more chapter left and then the epilouge guys!:( I can't believe it's almost over! Bet you didn't expect him to wake up at firts! ahaha I'm so evil I made it sould like he was going to die!;) Anyway hope you enjoyed it!


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