12 Days *COMPLETE*

People always use the saying "When one door closes another one opens". For me this was the chance to save my best friend's brothers life or to lose mine.


7. Not who I thought it would be...

For the rest on lunch Cole and I talked and laughed at eachother's jokes while Cassidy was talking with her boyfriend Anthony. It was nice not having to be the third wheel with them anymore but I knew Cole and I weren't dating... yet. We talked about our "date" that was going on later tonight and in my head  I was hoping he would ask me to be his girlfriend. I never realized how much I liked Cole until I was told it was up to me to save him. When lunch was dismissed both Col and I headed off to math with Mrs. Sony. While she droned on about polygons, Cole and I were texting. It was nice having an iPhone because if I ever got caught on my phone I could say I was on my calcualtor app trying to finish a problem. If only Mrs. Sony really knew what Cole and I were doing through her whole class. Cole told me to meet him at his locker at the end of the day because we didn't have last period history together. When the bell rang dismissing us from math I grabbed my books and headed to history with Ms. Norton. All throughout history I was thinking about Cole, Death, and Havoc. I hadn't seen Havoc since he broke into my house and froze my parents yesterday but I was sure I would be seeing him again soon. History always goes by fast so when the bell rang I grabbed all my stuff and ran to meet Cole at his locker. He was standing there waiting for me with a smile plastered onto his face.He already had his backpack on so we went to my locker. After grabbing my backpack we ran out to catch the bus. On the way home Cassidy, Cole, and I were talking about drama that had gone on during the school day and before we knew it we were at our stop. When we go off Cole turned to me and said "The movie tonight starts at 6:30 so be ready by 5:45." I smiled and nodded before running off to my house to get all my homeowrk done. I had finished my English reading, my math packet, and my science page when I looked up at the clock. 4:50 it read. I ran up to the shower to start to get ready. Once I was out of the shower I blew dry my hair and straightened it. I put on natural makeup and then ran to my closet to pick out what I was going to wear. I settled on a tiffany blue sweater, a pair of black leggings, and my black bailey bow UGGS. Once I was done getting dressed Cole texted my phone saying he was on his way to come get me. I looked in the mirror one last time before there was a knock on the door. I thought to myslef that was fast. I ran down the stairs with my gold iPhone 5s in hand. There was another knock on the door so I went to go open it. I was fully expecting to see Cole on the other side. But it wasen't Cole I saw, I saw a pair of ice blue eyes staring back at me. I gasped and he had a sick smile spread across his face. "Miss me?" he said.


Author's Note:

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