12 Days *COMPLETE*

People always use the saying "When one door closes another one opens". For me this was the chance to save my best friend's brothers life or to lose mine.


2. Goodbye?

    It’s been 2 days since Cassidy and I have gone to school. Cole’s funeral has been planned for tomorrow. It’s still hard on us. The thing that upsets me is that Cole never told anyone he was suicidal. He never asked anyone for help.  Our families may never know what pushed him over the edge but I’m going to try; for Cassidy and for me; to find out what went wrong. Our families went through the rest of the day the same way we’ve been going through everyday since Cole killed himself, crying for Cole to somehow come back. I’ve been sleeping over at Cassidy’s because I couldn’t bear to be alone. We went to bed early that night because tomorrow we had a big day. It would be the day that we would have to say goodbye. It didn’t feel right. I fell asleep thinking Cole should be here. We are only 13, he should be walking through the bedroom door trying to scare us and the wanting to play truth or dare.

    I woke up to Cassidy’s alarm going off the next morning. I looked at the clock. 6:00. Time to get ready I thought to myself. Cassidy and I took turns showering. We pulled out our matching black dresses with sequins on the skirt, and shoes with tiny black bows and we got dressed. We did each other’s hair and makeup once we were dressed and we were soon ready to go. Both of us wanted to look perfect for Cole and we did. I mean his soul is going to be present, who wouldn’t want to look perfect? When we arrived to the church his black casket had just arrived. Cassidy and I walked inside hand in hand to say our goodbyes. When we approached his casket and saw his till body I started to cry. Cassidy stood next to me sobbing over her brother lying in his casket. I understood why. I quickly thought to myself. She thinks she’s the reason for her twin killing himself. She thinks she’s the reason that we are here today. As quickly as the thought popped into my head it vanished.

    The ceremony was solemn and a lot of people showed up to celebrated the life of Cole Andrew Matthews. Most of the people who showed up were Cole’s friends from school. The three of us were very popular at school and we had a lot of friends. Some of the people who showed up were people we didn’t even talk to. I smiled a little knowing that all these people wanted to be here today for Cole. Once the ceremony ended we preceded outside were everyone came towards us to tell us how sorry they were for our loss. When Cassidy walked away I followed her. I didn’t see where she was going so I ended up losing her in the crowd of people. While looking for my friend I was approached by a strange man with dark blue eyes. I didn’t see this man in the church. He looked at me and said “I bet you miss Cole a lot.” I nodded slowly and wondered how he knows that I was somehow connected to Cole. The strange man then said something that shocked me.

     He said “My name is Death, short for Angel of Death. I don’t really do this often but what if I told you I could bring Cole back. I warn you that if you accept this there is a catch. At that moment I was too overwhelmed at how I could get Cole back that I quickly agreed without worrying about the catch. Death smiled at me and replied “Since you have agreed I should inform you about the catch. Cole will return tomorrow like nothing has happened. No one will remember that he was gone. The hard part is that you have 12 days to save him and change his mind about killing himself. If you fail to save him he will once again commit suicide, and you will die as well.” I once again agreed to this but as soon as I did Death disappeared into thin air. What was that all about? I thought to myself.

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