No Choice * Dark Zayn Malik Fan Fiction* -finished-

"I HAVE A CHOICE ZAYN, YOU DONT OWN ME!" I screamed at him. He pushed me against the wall. "Your MINE, I claimed you! you have no choice! YOU LISTEN TO ME AND OBEY ME, UNDERSTOOD?" i knew fighting wasn't worth it. he was the "bad boy" who killed people. I was weak, there was no way I would win this.. "understood" I mumble/growl. "good girl" he smirked.


11. yay! <3

   Laney's POV:


              I kept trying to call Austin but she wouldn't answer! Liam had been trying to calm me down but I can't! One of my bestfriend's had been missing!! I can't stop stressing over it!! why would she just leave without a trace?!

      "Liam! i'm going to Austin's place!" I yelled up the stairs. no reply. ok then... I looked for Liam's keys,they are usually on the key hook, but this time they were gone. so was he car, wierd. I tried calling him, no reply just an answering machine. "fuck!" why was it that no one would answer me!! why?! jeez! Just then Liam came in his car, speeding. he got out and ran to the door. I opened the door, "LIAM what the fuck-"

    "pack your bag now!" he shouted pushing me inside. I ran up the dtairs and packed as much as i could.

     He pulled me out to the car, before I could ask anything he threw me in the car. Is he crazy? why did i ask..he got in and drove out fast. We were going way over the speed limit. "Liam where the hell are we going?!" i yelled. his focus wason te road and not me! "LIAM WHERE THE FUCK ARE WE GOING GOD DAMMIT!!"  he looked at me and then back at the road. I slumped in my seat. "Liam stop here and let me out!" I yelled.

                         "Listen here godammit, weather you like it or not, your staying! I hae a mob trying to kill you AND Austin!" He shouted. The car was pure silence, I was mad. he thinks that i believe him?! bull shit! I want to see austin! she would know what to do! I smirked, maybe I could get Austin and I out of this....

                   2 more hours of driving!!!1 -at  the beach house!-


               I grabbed own suitcase, Liam offered to help but i shoved him away and grabbed it myself. I was dragging it to the door, I need to see Austin. I opened the door. They all must be asleep.. I stepped inside the house, it was cool and very modern.


                     "I will show you to our room." he snatched my suitcase from my hand.

            "i'm not sharing with you." I growled. He scoffed, and led my suitcase to a room don the hall. I siged and followed him, i need my suitcase though..

                   I stepped into the room, Liam already in the bed. I got in the bed, but wen as far away as I could go.  Until I felt hands yank me closer to him. I rolled my eyes and faced the other way. "what the hell is your problem" i heard him growl. he shouuld know! I didn't want to come here! he forced me!  "you" I snarled. He got out of bed and exited the room. wierd... I fell asleep later after that. 


            Hey guys! I'm reallyyy hungry right now... thas it. oh well i will update soon!

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