No Choice * Dark Zayn Malik Fan Fiction* -finished-

"I HAVE A CHOICE ZAYN, YOU DONT OWN ME!" I screamed at him. He pushed me against the wall. "Your MINE, I claimed you! you have no choice! YOU LISTEN TO ME AND OBEY ME, UNDERSTOOD?" i knew fighting wasn't worth it. he was the "bad boy" who killed people. I was weak, there was no way I would win this.. "understood" I mumble/growl. "good girl" he smirked.


8. Payne

ok so you saw my cntest info thingy, that also goes for Niall's girlfriend too...







Austin's pOV:

       I thought for a second...where could Liam be??... well he is heart broken... a BAR! most guys drink there pain..

      I drove to the club we went to the night all this guy drama happened. right when i stepped into the bar i saw Liam stumbling around with abeer in his hand. I walked through crowds of people  to get to him. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, i lead him outside the door. once we were alone in an alley i then spoke up. "LIam what the hell is wrong with you?! while your drinking your girlfriend is crying! she needs you Liam! and the least ting you cando s say sorry and comfort her! jesus christ!!" I shouted at him. He sobered up the past 2 minutes because he hugged me and grabbed a taxi. I stood in the alley smiling. I felt hands on m waist and mouth. I kicked him or her. they fell down to th ground. i looked at who it was.. it was Zayn!! why can't he leave me alone?! I ran, I don't want to be with him, he's a player and asex crazed teen. like Miley Cyrus.. but se isn't a teen. I ran to a park or something.. I didn't care. I heard him shouting at me to stop. I kept running. in the park I saw a forest. it had a trail for hikers.. I ra in not carin what way i was going. I was running for 5 minutes, until i decided to take a break. I found a old wooden bench i sat down on. That was until Zayn wasinfront of me with and evil grin on his face. "hello Princess, wierd seeing you here" I glared at him. "leave me alone asshole, you used me" I shot back at him. He glared at me stepping forward, I took this chance to run. I didn't make it far. i felt a sharp pain of a needle in my arm. "are you drugging me? this is ilegal and you on get awayyyyy withhhh itttttt" I mummbled the last part before I passed out.

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