No Choice * Dark Zayn Malik Fan Fiction* -finished-

"I HAVE A CHOICE ZAYN, YOU DONT OWN ME!" I screamed at him. He pushed me against the wall. "Your MINE, I claimed you! you have no choice! YOU LISTEN TO ME AND OBEY ME, UNDERSTOOD?" i knew fighting wasn't worth it. he was the "bad boy" who killed people. I was weak, there was no way I would win this.. "understood" I mumble/growl. "good girl" he smirked.


6. chapter 6: the club can't even handle me right now ayeee

Liam's girlfriend: Laney    Blonde hair, green eyes, is a singer and dancer.     Picture:

  Austin: brown hair, brown eyes, song writer in secret.



                                          Austin's POV:

     Zayn left my house for me to get ready for our night of clubbing. "hmm what to wear.." 

 "ding gong" my doorbell went off, what time is it?.. I ran downstairs to the door and opened it. It was a girl about my age with blonde hair and green eyes. "hey, i'm Liam's girlfriend.. and Zayn said we could have a girl time getting ready or something like that." I smiled big, i haven't had a girl time is a while and i do need help with my outfit. "yay! c'mon in!" she chuckled and stepped in.

   "nice place" she examained the house.

  'thanks, ok so i need help on what to wear." She nodded eagerly. 

 "do you have any clothes..?" she looked down at her outfit.

"no, i'm just going to wear this. besides Liam loves me anyways, no need to impreess him"

"i will let you borrow my stuff, I have a lot of party dresses, Liam will be shocked when he sees how fabulous you look!" I sqeuled with exitment when she nodded yes. I took her hand and lead her to my room. 

 "ok now, let's curl your hair. we can take turns." it took 30 minutes to do each other's hair.

" now lets pick out what to wear" she nodded eagerly. 

Austin's dress and hair


Laney's dress and hair   




  we got done just as we heard a knock on the door. "Liam is going to hav e a heart attack when he see's me" i giggled. Laney just rolled her eyes and chuckled. we went down stairs trying not to fall with our heels on. We reached the door after me falling. Laney and I were laughing hystericly. We reached the door and opened it. Liam's mouth fell to the ground. "Liam, close your mouth, flies with get in" Laney blushed. I chuckled, there love was so cute

Laney's POV:

  "You look beautiful Laney" I blushed a deep red. He grabbed my waist. We were taking Zayn's car, It was about time he got someone instead of having one night stands all the time. Zayn and Austin had front, me and Liam in the back. 

 Austin's POV:

  Zayn and I got front. he placed his hand on my thigh as he drove. "you look gorgeous" he whispered in my ear. I giggled slightly. We pulled up to a club, right away I could smell beer and hear loud music.  We made our way to the entrance, Zayn had a protective hand around me, Liam and Laney were to. they were so cute! We entered the club, the club can't even handle us right now was on. We sat in a booth, "i'm going to go get us drinks" Zayn and Liam left us. "so how long have you and Liam been a thang" I giggled. girl gossip is veryy good and amusing. She chuckled. "for about a month, I really like him" She smiled. " I can tell, you 2 are so cute."


 Laney's POV:

 we talked for about 20 mintues and the boys were no where. "where are they?" She looked around,

"they should be back by now!" i yelled over the music. She nodded. "I'm going to go look txt me if you find them" I nodded. we slid out of the booth and went our sperate ways. I moved through the dance floor looking for him. nope. I went to the bar where they were suppose to be. nope. I give up!  what if they left without us. I grabbed a drink and dunked it. I had to go to the bathroom now. dumb bladder issues, I got up off my bar stool and walked to the back of the club. I was looking for the girl's room when I saw Liam and Zayn. They had to girls on there arms. how could they?! Was i not good enough for him?! i txt her to get here asap. she was by my side crying to. She stopped crying and grabbed my hand.

  Austin's POV:

 I grabbed her hand and lead her to Liam and Zayn. They stopped kissing them when they saw us. I slapped Zayn as hard as I could. "fuck you!" i shouted. "You don't deserve Laney if your going to cheat on her! so fuck you too!" Laney slapped him too. Zayn looked angry. He stepped forward to me, I didn't budge. I had tears down my face, they were silent tears. I couldn't take this, I turned and ran through bodies of people till i reached the door. I saw Zayn he was yelling for me to stop, I flipped him off. wait! I forgot about Laney. I went back into the club. someone oulled me by the waist and a hand over my mouth. "hmgkfh" I screamed. "shh it's just me" it was Zayn. I stopped struggling. he loosened his grip. I took the chance and ran to rescue laney.


 Laney's POV:

 she took off, Zayn ran after her. I tried to stop Zayn and to tell him to leave her alone but Liam stopped me. "can we talk about this" I chuckled. "no, you cheated on me! with that slut! was it because I didnt have sex with you every night?! huh?! was I not good enough for you?!" I pushed him out of my way. AUstin came running into the club and then to me. "we gotta go now" I nodded yes. "my house is a few blocks we can walk." I grabbed her hand and dashed out of the club.   

  at my house:

 We both cried together.  We were watching movies and eating ice cream. "Ok Laney, we need to stop crying, there not worth it." she wiped her tears away and gave a small smile. I still couldn't get over it, he hurt me so much, he was my everything. "i'm going to go home if you need anything txt me. I will be over tomarrow." she got up gave me a hug and then left.

                 2 weeks later:

 austin's POV:

           Laney still isn't over Liam. Zayn keep visiting my house and txting me but i ignore him. I hide my car in the garage to make it look like I am gone. This has to end. Liam hurt her so much, I can't stand seeing her like this! this time I called Zayn.


  "cut the bull shit, where's Liam." I said gritting my teeth. "sorry babe but I can't tell you, unless you give me something in return." I could feel his smirk. "fuck you, I will find him by myself." I ended the call and got my shoes on. I'm doing this for Laney, she doesn't deserve this pain.


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