My beautiful nightmare

Its a old time fantasy with violence that is why it is rated mature. It does have romance but I haven't gotten that far yet.


2. Waking up

I wake to a sound that I have never heard before. A terrifying screech. My brother in the room beside me. His dreams has been made worse. I can’t stop them though. He is so small, and since father went to war and mother had died that left me in charge. That was three years ago. I never knew it would be this hard for me to take on responsibility.  “Dustin!” I heard simon scream. This is not a dream I thought to myself, he is completely awake. He never was when he had terror nightmare. This is something else. “Dustin!” The scream was farther away now, but even more terrified. I run outside to find that there were army soldiers, and one had my brother by the head.

“What is this.” I demand.    

“By order of thine royal command, you  Dustin Malik and your family are under arrest for high treason.”

The man on the horse climbed down. He was taller than me, and I’m pretty sure he could take me down in one swat.

“We never did anything sir.”

I stood there oblivious to what what was going on, but I knew it was bad.

“We have to take you in.”

I looked at my brother. His eyes were red and blotchy.  His light hair had been stain with a red tent from the bash where an officer bashed his head to make him shut up.  I looked back over at the man in front of me.

“Over my dead body.”

The man gave me a ghoulish grin.

“My pleasure.”

The next morning I woke up in a cell. I tried to stand, but the feeling in my legs were gone. I fell to the floor. I looked at my hands, the cuts on them were outrageous. I never seen any like them. I had a sharp pain shoot through the back of my head. I reached back to feel the gash and blood that had been there since last night. The blood had made the tips of my brown hair stick. Mother always told me that I should let it stay longer. Since she died I’ve keep it a little longer than my shoulder. The blood started to run again, when the guard opened up my cell to pull me out. “Where is my brother?” I asked

“He has been taken in by the King, and Queen. Under the Queen’s demand of a child.”

“Where are we going?”

He had no need to answer, the look on his face said it enough. The gallows, I hope its quick. My neck already hurts enough.

       The sunlight burns  my eyes as I step into the noose. I can see where the King sits along with the Queen, and my brother. At least I know he will be taken care of. I close my eyes and wait for the end, till I hear it. Simon has ran out into the crowd demanding it to stop. I look down to see him. Again his face is red, and blotchy. The King had stopped the hanging.

“You’re right my young boy!” Shouted the king. “He doesn’t deserve this, all he did was still a piece of bread. No we will not hang him, but this crime will be punished. What do you think?”

He shouted to the crowd. “He’s guilty hang him!”, “Send him to the forest!” “Yea, send him to the beast!” I hear the howling of the people. The soldiers beside me yank me backwards, and pull me to a horse.  I know what coming, torture. They tie me to the back of the horse. The man on it sends the horse flying. Soon enough everything goes dark, and I’m out.

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