My beautiful nightmare

Its a old time fantasy with violence that is why it is rated mature. It does have romance but I haven't gotten that far yet.


1. Prologue

  In the time of Merlin there rose a young, and beautiful kingdom, the kingdom of Linvo. The kingdom was known throughout the world. It was known to be a prosperous, and the people to be gentle. The children would dance, and laugh throughout the day. The women nurse their children, and men walk with a proud stride. However this kingdom held a dark and dangerous secret. They took over the near land of Da’Vincila, and turned it into the dark forest. Everyone In Linvo know not of this crime. It has been a secret kept inside of the castle walls for many years.  Those who find out and dare to confront or spread this knowledge have been put to death.   

      The land that had once been Da’Vincila, had been poisoned. The guardians run out, or taken captive for the kings own will. Banshees invaded, and Kelpies decimated all land. This made it the perfect place to send prisoners, but out of all this darkness there was hope, for there laid a coffin. This was no ordinary coffin. It was known as The box of Lucian. The box with darkness and fear. In the midst of it all, in that box there is light. A light called Aurora.  Aurora was captured and trapped in this untill one day the rightful king will come free her.

       Anxiously she waits in a dormed sleep. So, the legend has told. Many have tried, and many have died. What will be the fate of this disturbia. Welcome home, welcome to Linvo.

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