It was all thanks to my sister

My sister Veronica is the most popular girl in school and everyone adores her. She has looks, brains, talent, and every guy in high school falling for her.Even though I am her sister I wasn't very popular. I hated my life until, thanks to my sister, five particular boys came into my life and I think I'm falling for two of them...


3. The truth about Jeremy

I woke up the next morning to the sound of Veronica throwing up. Well at least she's not drunk anymore. Veronica can be really sweet but when she's drunk she is such a bitch! I went into the restroom and there she was, kneeling down on the toilet and throwing up. I leaned in against the wall. Then I started talking really loudly

"SO HOW WAS LAST NIGHT?!?!" Veronica cringed and covered her ears. "Could you please not talk so loud?My head feels like it's been run over"I shrugged and put a smirk on my face.

"Hey, I'm not the one going around making out with people" Veronica stood up and headed towards her room.

"Please, Erika I am not in the mood right now!" She changed and then went back into the restroom to put some makeup on. I went downstairs to the kitchen to eat breakfast. I found Lola making pancakes. Lola is one of our maids. She was like a mother to me when I was younger because we would spend so much time together since my mum is a fashion designer and never has time to spend with her daughters.

"Hi Lola can I have some pancakes?" She came up to my plate and served me three pancakes with a bottle of syrup on the side. "Help yourself" Lola smiled as I sat down and devoured my food. She put two more on my plate and I ate them like there was no tomorrow. Veronica came downstairs with her perfect makeup and a cute outfit that showed off her body. She made a face when she saw me eat.

"Whoa, Erika. I've seen pigs eat neater than you. Slow down before you choke yourself!" I took a sip of my orange juice and stuck my tongue out at her. Lola came over to serve Veronica her pancakes. Then she put her hands on her hips. "So. Where did you get drunk this time young lady?" Lola is the only one besides me that knows about Veronica sneaking out. i quickly answered  for her.

"She was at a club across town. Started yelling on a table and was making out with a complete stranger" Veronica glared at me and began eating. Lola smacked her on her head and muttered a few swear words as she went back into the kitchen. My mum came down the stairs multitasking as usual. she was talking on the phone, putting on makeup, and writing something.

"Yes Mr. Ortiz I have the paperwork. And the designs as well. Alright. Goodbye" She let out a HUGE breath and smiled at us. 

"Hello my beautiful darlings!" She gave us both a kiss on the cheek. Lola came back to refill my plate. What can I say, eating is one of my favorite hobbies.

"Mrs. Reyes would you like something to eat?" My mum shook her head while putting on eyeliner."I'll grab something down at the office. I have to go now. Oh and girls, your little brother is coming back from France. He'll be here  in five days"Oh yeah I forgot to mention I have a little brother. His name is Andy and he is 10 years old. Mum looked over at me and frowned.

"Erika, honey. Why don't you put on some lipstick or something?" I shook my head. "Because I don't get why we use makeup. It's not like it's going to help us learn anything" My mum sighed and left out the front door. i stood up and cleared my plate.Then I got my back pack and waited for Veronica. She came out with her purse and some shades. we went outside and got in our car. Veronica in the driver's seat. Lola came down with our lunches.

"Don't you forget these" She handed us our lunches and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Bye Lola!" I said as we drove away. While the car ride I turned on the radio and One Direction's "Story of my Life" came on. Veronica immediately started singing. 

"OMG I just love them! I hope I get to marry one of them one day!!!" Veronica squealed and I rolled my eyes. She bumped me and I just laughed. We got to the school and we both just kept talking.

"Seriously do you think I have a chance with Niall?!?!" I laughed.

"Sure when pigs fly" She put on a pouty face but I knew she was hiding a smile. We walked into the courtyard of the school. Veronica stopped laughing and started staring at something. I followed her gaze but I didn't see anything.

"V-V, what are you looking at?" She took off her shades. Her face was blank and her eyes welling up with tears. She ran out towards the bathrooms. Instead of following her I kept staring towards what Veronica was looking at. I kept looking in that direction until I finally saw what made Veronica run off crying like that. Behind the bleachers, hidden in a dark corner was Jeremy. And he was sucking a blonde cheerleader's face off.

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