It was all thanks to my sister

My sister Veronica is the most popular girl in school and everyone adores her. She has looks, brains, talent, and every guy in high school falling for her.Even though I am her sister I wasn't very popular. I hated my life until, thanks to my sister, five particular boys came into my life and I think I'm falling for two of them...



 Hey guys its me Erika. There is something wrong and i don't know if it's the website or my computer but every time i put apostrophes ( " ) or press enter while i'm updating everything's fine. But then I publish it and the apostrophes get replaced by " and the enters are deleted. Again I don't know if its me or the website but if you cupcakes know whats the problem or how to fix it then could you please email me to or just comment below. I'm sorry if it's confusing you but I don't know how to fix it!!!!!!! So anyways thanks for your time.

                                                                                       Lots of Love,


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