A dream come true

When a random small city girl moves to a big state and meets a guy she had no idea she would fall for


6. the finals

Bella's p.o.v

We passed the finals I was soo happy James passed the finals also we were both super happy and jumping around everywhere it's cool to know that I'm already done with high school and we can go to collage whenever we want I was going to collage in age twenty I don't know about James

I called my mom I told her everything that happend I can tell that my mom was super proud and happy she told me she wishes to give me a big hug and she can't wait for two more years so I can finally see her since her bad car crash. After we talked for a long time we hung up.

James p.o.v

I can't believe me and Bella are out of high school and we can choose whenever we want to go to collage! Bella do you want to go out for dinner since we passed the finals sure Bella said .

Bella's p.o.v

Well James invited me to dinner since we passed the finals me and James have our own bath rooms so we don't have to rush I took a long shower I put on a black dress with cheetah prints it was tight and short some mascara eye liner blush and pink lip stick. And finnally I curled my hair and put on some black heels

When I got out of the bath room I couldent believe what I was seeing James was wearing a fancy tux omg I think that's the first time I had ever seen him in one. When I came out of the bath room James was just there with his mouth opend. Like what you see I said? He said can I see more shut up James he grabed my hand and he opend the car door for me aww he's such a gentlemen . When we got to the restraunt this place was so fancy no one was wearing shirts or pants only dresses and tuxedos

We orderd our food I dident even know how it was pronounced

James-Bella you look really hot in that dress

You look really nice in that tuxedo I said to him the food got here omg it tasted so good I tried not to eat like a pshyco cause eavryone ate really fancy here me and James had a really good time it got to that point where it was time to go James dident tell me how much he paid but I think it was a lot.

When we got home James grabed me and pushed me into the wall we started to make out.

I went to go change in the room I was to lazy to go to the rest room I took off my dress and I noticed James was in here to WHAT THE FUCK!!! I yelled and I just kept changeing I dident care if he was looking the heels were killing me! I felt like my legs were ganna rip off!

James p.o.v

I had a really good night with Bella and she did look really nice in that dress. And today was the first day I saw Bella undressed what a good day

In the morning Bella was still sleeping so I went to go play x box and brush my teeth I noticed we needed more food so I went to give Bella a kiss in the forehead and left.

Bella's p.o.v

I brushed my teeth cause I just woke up and I noticed James wasent here he probably went to buy food cause there was nothing there was really little milk I are cereal with the rest of the milk

The door opend I taught it was James

But I was wrong.....

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