A dream come true

When a random small city girl moves to a big state and meets a guy she had no idea she would fall for


2. date night

Bella's p.o.v

I woke up next to James he's kinda cute he's in basket ball has a nice tan very brown hair and nice mussels I was so tierd cause of what happend yesterday. James dosent live with his parents his parents live in Mexico but they wanted him too go to collage and get a good job

So he lives in a apartment and what I remember from last night is we were cuddling I felt the butterflies.. He's my hero

James p.o.v

Bella looks so cute when she's sleeping. I think I'm starting to get feelings for her but I think she sees us as just friends. I don't know if she'll think I'm wierd if I ask her for a date or something. I was glad me and Bella woke up at the same time Bella are you hungry? Yeah I'm kinda hungry do you want to go get some mcdonalds? Yeah but I don't have any money. It's ok I'll buy it for you aww thank you...

At mcdonalds

James-so what happend yesterday Bella-oh I don't really want to talk about it... Oh that's ok.. When the food finnally came we started to eat. James-hey Bella do you want to go out on or date next Saturday.? But not in a wierd way Bella-that would be lovely James:) when we finnally went back to James house we were watching a movie. Insidious chapter 2

Bella put her head in my chest in the pop outs. Your scared Bella haha yes I'm scared I never seen this before! She looks so cute when she's scared

Bella's p.o.v

That movie was so scary I couldent resist it I get scared easily! And I thinks he likes me? I'm grateful he went to go pick me up after they stole my gold bracelet FYI: police brought it back in mail) James and me got caught up in the the moment We were starring into each other's eyes and it just happend we kissed!!! He took me home and I jumped to my bed screamed to my pillow of happiness

James p.o.v

Omg it actually happend we kissed I am soo happy and can't wait for our date next Saturday

1week later.......

Bella p.o.v

Well me and James have a date tonight I have to take a good shower. When I got out I had to curl my hair put some mascara eyeliner and blush and some pink lipstick . I put on a tight black dress it is kinda short but it was the only good one I can find.

Jake p.o.v

Well today your going on a date with the most beautiful girl in school (I was talking to myself) i took a shower but on a shirt and some jeans and a tie.

Bella p.o.v

Text from:Bella-I'm ready if you can come pick me up or do we meet up?

Text from:James-I will pick you up I'm a gentlemen I can't let you waste gas

Text:from:Bella-aww you are soo cute I'll be here waiting for you:)

James p.o.v

I knew ever since I saw her she was ganna be the person I was ganna fall for this is a blessing

Bella p.o.v

I'm so exited!! But I'm kinda worried cause my mom hadent got home and hadent replied to any of my texts..btw my mom and my dad got divorced when I was five I don't know where my dad is right now?..

James you got here.james dropped his jaw when he saw me he dident look so bad either;) he opend the car door for me and we were heading to a fancy expensive restraunt

Wow this place is so fancy when we ordered our food we started talking about each outer I told him all about my mom and dad James-oh I'm sorry about that:( Bella-yeah it's ok it was years ago anyways

When dinner was over eavry thing went perfect and I got to learn more about James

James p.o.v

Wow this will be a night to remember I went on a date with my crush I'm the luckiest man alive.

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