A dream come true

When a random small city girl moves to a big state and meets a guy she had no idea she would fall for


3. best day ever

Bella's p.o.v

I had just woke up I was super tierd

And the fact that we had school

Toommorow wasent making it any

Better.i took a long shower but on a purple hoodie and some white shorts. When I looked in my phone I saw I had a text from James


Hey what are you doing?

From:Bella oh nothing I just got out of the shower

James p.o.v

I felt nervous texting to Bella cause of yesterday

But I'm also super happy that it happend. And I'm going to see her tommorow in most of my classes gives me the butterflies

The next day....

The bell had just rung for first period

Bella's p.o.v

Omg I can't be late!!! Why do I have to live so far from school?!? And I don't like takeing the bus is weird . When I had just gotten to school I was gals they were still in first period . But I missed out on most of it

Bella's scedule

Mathematics. Ms.cantu

Physical education Mrs. Mancha

Social studies. Ms.cortez

Language arts. Mrs.jhonsen

Science. Mrs.sparkle

Reading. Ms.garza

Art. Mrs.deadels

When it finnally came to that time where school was over James offers me a ride

I seriously don't know what happend my mom she hadent called or text nor got home!! I was starting to get worried .

From: jake

Hey Bella want to come over my place?


Sure I'll be right there

I took off my clothes I used for school and put on a cropped shirt reaches up to on top of my belly. Some black shorts and some mascara and eyeliner and some Jordan's

When I got to his house

I knocked on the door he opend it 5 seconds later I jumped cause I got scared lol James-oh dos I scare you Bella-yeah lol James:oh sorry haha come inside

James I'm really worried. Whys that? Cause my mom hadent come come since 3 weeks ago. Where was she going when she left? We'll she was going to work that's what she told me. Oh well had you tried calling her? Yeah a million times already

*Some one knocking in the door Inturupted our conversation.**

James opend the door oh hey David waz up then they did that hand shake thing oh his this David asked James-Bella she goes to school with us oh yeah said David and he gave me a hug. So what are you guys up too he said nothing we were just ganna watch a movie *vibrate* David took out his phone and read some text and he left saying ill catch up with you guys later

We decided we wanted to watch the hangover

In the middle of the movie I scooted closer to James and we started holding hands we were cuddling. I looked into James beautiful hazel eyes and he looked to mine and we started to kiss not just a fast kiss a French kiss! It felt awesome and I I felt fireworks poping so big up in the sky.

When it finnaly got to that time where I had to go back home I swear I was soo happy this was the best day ever!! Nothing can ever replace this day:)

The next day it was wensday

I did not feel like going to school at all so I just dicided to stay home and drink some coffee and watch my favorite tv show it was a peaceful day. James texted me and asked me why I dident go. I told him he just laughed

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