A dream come true

When a random small city girl moves to a big state and meets a guy she had no idea she would fall for


4. bad news

Bella's p.o.v

I had just woke up this morning had to cook breakfast cause my mom wasent here I'm starting to get scared? Well I was done eating and started washing the dirty dishes and that's when I got a phone call from a unknown number I did not answer it. And I wasent going to. When this person called the forth time I got pist. So I answerd it and said " what" kinda on a ride way this person was talking like if some thing bad had happend. She had told me my mom was at a hospital all the way in Oklahoma . I said why sounding desperate and worried . They had told me my mom had Horton in a deadly car acsident.

My heart stopped for five seconds I was no longer in the living room I was in a dark black valley it was cold and I wasent thinking anything it's like if I died for five seconds. I told the lady excuse me? To make sure I was not imagineing

And when I finnaly ended the call I went to my room started thinking about a lot of stuf and

The tears finally came out I lost it. I was not checking my phone for anything I was just thinking of all the times me and my mom would argue and how stupid I was to respond back to her. I was crying all day I can't go visit her because she's in Oklahoma and I have school I feel Like a loser for not Being there for my own mother. James texted me

I told him eavry thing he could hear me crying I was embarrassed that I was crying this bad.

He came over to give me a hug and to try to make me feel better

James p.o.v

I felt so bad for Bella if that would of happend to any of my other family members I would die with them. I tried to make her feel better but I don't think anything I did was helping her. And I dident want to annoy her any more I had to leave I really dident want to but I had to do something

With the rent of my apartment I felt bad that

I had to leave her alone.

Bella's p.o.v

Why did he leave me I needed someone and he left well I guess he had to....

3weeks later....

I got a call from that some unknown number I prayed this will not be bad news. The lady said your mother has gotten better but still has serious injurys I jumped off the bed and fell of hapiness I was still sad she's still in bad condition. When the call was over I just burst into tears of happiness.

I told James so he would stop worrying about me crying and he said I'm so glad your moms feeling better

I thank god he gave my mom a second chance

I'm grateful for that..

So I has just got out of school I had to do all this boring homework . Wich was kinda easy but bore ing

It was Friday once again and today I wasent tired at all ! I went to the mall I saw James there he told me hey Bella we have a game tonight can you come? I totally forgot there was a game today . Yeah I'll try to go oh hope you can make it

Bella p.o.v

I got home as fast as I could I changed into tight black jeans and a pink cropped shirts i dident have any time to curl my hair I was already 15 minutes late cause the mall is far from my house and the fact that school where the game was at is also far from my house wasent make ing anything better I was such a bad friend.!

James p.o.v

Where's Bella I hoped she could of came to my first game. Well I understand she can't come for a important but what if she was just blowing me off.? I was sad for the rest of the game

The game ended

Bella's p.o.v

Omg I hope I'm here in time when she enters the gum where all the basket ball courts were there was only a janitor cleaning all the popcorn an sodas thrown in the floor I felt so stupid I wasent here for him in his first game I felt so bad what if he thinks I was just blowing him off? That was just making me feel bader

So I went home I just wasted the whole gas on my car what a bad day

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