The Fight For Survival*Icy with Brutal Sequel*

Please read Icy with Brutal first.
Cato and Clove have won the Games together. Their love was in fact an act. Now they are forced to love each other. And they do. They are forced to fight for survival.Snow will make sure to hold them back from achieving that, but Snow doesn't know, they won't give up, even if they are forced to fight again.


6. Chapter 6

Cato's POV

After Clove and I finished we got dressed."Cato, does my hair look ok?" Clove asked me. She never asked me anything girly like that before. She stood in front on the huge bathroom mirror.

"No, it looks like you just had sex with me." I laugh. I'm being sarcastic but she doesn't seem to catch it.

"Ugh. Really? Brutus and Enobaria are going to make fun of us."

"Your hair looks fine,Clove." I come up behind her and grab her waist. I hope that we maybe are more than just roommates."So,what are we?"

"This question again. I think maybe we bumped our way up to friends with benefits." 

"I don't want to be that, Clover.I want to be more than that."

"So do I but-"

"What is stopping us? Absolutely nothing. Snow wants us to act like we are together. We don't need to act,Clove."

"You are right."

"Damn, I love when you say I'm right."

"Cato, we still don't know what we are."

"You're my girlfriend."

"So, that makes you my-"


"Ok. I'll remember that."

"Sure. You can't remember anything ever since that bastard brought a rock down on your head. Let's go downstairs, everyone is probably waiting."

As soon as Clove opens the door, you can hear everyone downstairs. Great, I hope they couldn't hear us.Clove runs downstairs. I think she is a bit embarrassed.I follow her.

"Clovely!"Harley embraces Clove. I never knew they were so close."How is my victor doing? I must say, you have to be my favorite tribute."

"Aw, why thank you, Harley!" Clove hugs Harley back. Clove doesn't seem to have any sarcasm in her voice. It shocks me. If I called her Clovely she'd probably slap me or possibly even stab me.

"Cato." Harley nods his head at me. Let's just say we don't really like each other.

"Harley." I walk into the kitchen where Enobaria and Brutus are."Hey guys." I grab a beer out of the fridge. Brutus must of brought this over.

"That was mine." Brutus says.

"My house, my fridge." I see the dog."This fucking dog."

"When did you get a dog?"

"Snow gave us this thing. It's a robot. Clove and I were going to burn it but-"

"Instead you decided to give Harley a heart attack?" Enobaria interrupts. Now both her and Brutus are laughing.

"Hey, this is my house. I can do whatever the hell I want in it. And Clove is also mine. I can do whatever the hell I want with her too."

" Would she agree with that?"

"She doesn't have to know I said that."

"If anything this is MY house and YOU are mine." Clove laughs and grabs the beer from my hand.

"Don't get drunk, Princess." Brutus laughs at Clove.

"Don't get stabbed, Brutus. Remember what happened last time!"

"She told you." I laugh. "Where's Glitter?"

"Who knows." Clove laughs.

"Give me my beer."

"That was my beer." Brutus joins in.

"Here." I toss Enobaria and Brutus a beer."Where's that fucking dog?"

"Cato, are you trying to get us drunk?" Enobaria laughs.

"Nah. You guys wouldn't be any fun!"

"How should you know? And I'm sure you are a load of fun when you're drunk." Everyone laughs at Enobaria's sarcastic comment.

"How should you know?"

"Maybe we should ask Clove." Brutus turns to Clove.

"I wouldn't know." Clove laughs.

We are all having a good time. It occurs to me that Colin and Talon were our mentors but Brutus and Enobaria were always nicer to us."Quick question to ruin the fun. How did Colin and Talon die?"

"Oh, their stupidity. They got in a fight with a bunch of other mentors.The Capitol had no choice really." Enobaria says. 

"Hm. Interesting story." Clove says.

She goes to take another sip of my beer when I interrupt."Uh, we are sharing that, you know."

"Yeah, Lover Girl, share with your boyfriend." Enobaria laughs.

"Here my beloved boyfriend." Clove rolls her eyes.
"Heard you two got into a fight."

"Yes. I beat that girl's ass. Feels good. I miss that." Clove and glances over at me. She is now sitting on the counter across from Brutus and Enobaria. I give Clove a quick peck on the lips.

"Glad to see you two made up after nearly killing each other." Brutus laughs.

"Brutus, I'm used to it. Talon probably never told you, but she tried to stab me a few times on the train."

"Oh, she told me. She couldn't stop complaining about her nose. "

"Brutus, I would never kill Cato." Clove laughs.

"Bullshit. You want to kill me and you know it." I say. Knowing that the statement is halfway true, Clove doesn't argue much.

"Well,sometimes I do want to kill you. Others times,I want to hug you."

"Aw." Enobaria laughs.

"Was today one of those days?" I ask.

"No. I actual wanted to kill you today."

"Damn, sorry I asked."

'So, the Quarter Quell is coming up. All four of us our mentors this year." Enobaria interrupts Clove and I.

"Great. What is this years theme?" Clove rolls her eyes.

"Not sure. Kind of curious."

"I'm not. I'd rather not even be a mentor."

"Yeah. I understand. I actual mentored your sister. And your dad was my mentor."


"Yeah. Your dad is  a pretty cool guy. He really loves you."

"I doubt that."

"No, he does. In fact, I saw him the other day. He wanted to stop by but Snow called him out to the Capitol. He wanted to know all about this boyfriend of yours."

"Did you tell him the good stuff about me?" I laugh.

"Cato, there is not much good about you."

"I'm pretty gorgeous. I'm also lethal."

"That is just what Clove's dad wanted to know."

Clove's POV

I guess my dad knows about Cato and I. I guess he is also alive. Good to know."What did he want to know about him?" I wonder. I realize I drank this whole can of beer."Cato, is there anymore beer's?

"Well, he wanted to know if it was an act. I couldn't really answer that because you guys seemed to really love each other in the arena and hate each other on the train. "

"Cato, beer."

"Oh no, Clove. I get the last can." Cato laughed. He had the last can in his hand. Man, I hate him sometimes. I can't be mad at him though.

"Cato, you are mean."

"I'm the mean one, yeah that is right."

"It is right. Now give me a sip."


"See, you two are kissing one second and arguing the next." Enobaria laughs.

"We make it work." Cato shrugs.

"So, the real reason why we are here early is to tell you guys some news."

"What would the news be?" Cato says while I glance at him. I'm unsure if it is good or bad.

"Remember that ring I gave you Cato?"


"That was the ring Snow wants you to propose to Clove with. And you are doing it in the Capitol."

"Since you are forcing me to marry her, can't I not do it on live television?"

"Well, the other option is the party at Snow's house."

"Alright. I don't even know where that ring is."

"Good job, Cato. I knew I shouldn't of given it to you."

Enobaria,Brutus,Cato, and I just sit and drink. We talk and I'm actual enjoying myself. Enobaria bringing up my dad still haunts my brain. Why would he care? He hasn't cared about me for the last 10 years of my life, why does he care now? Is it because I'm a victor now?

"Clove! Olivia is here to see you." Harley shouts from the living room."Bring Enobaria as well."

"Let's go, Enobaria." Enobaria follows me into the living room. Brutus gives her a slight smile and continues talking to Cato. Cato doesn't even acknowledged that I left. He just takes the beer I put on the counter.

I embrace Olivia."How are you?"

"I'm great, Olivia. Thanks. Yourself?" I reply. It's true. I am great. It feels weird being officially Cato's girlfriend. 

"Wonderful! Enobaria?"

"Great." Enobaria replies.

"So, hows Cato?" Olivia asks.

"He is good." I reply.

"She means great. Cato is great. I know why too." Enobaria interrupts me once again.

"Enobaria, stop bringing that up!"

"Bringing what up?" Olivia becomes very curious.


"Clove, don't lie. Clove almost killed Cato and they gave Harley a heart attack." Enobaria laughs.

"Oh my. Are you two together?"

I forget things easily but this, this was something I promised myself I wouldn't forget."Yes."

"Oh how wonderful!" Olivia claps and hugs me."Let's get started on your outfits."

Olivia styles both Enobaria and I. We all talk while she styles us. You can tell her mind is running and all she can think about are clothes.

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