The Fight For Survival*Icy with Brutal Sequel*

Please read Icy with Brutal first.
Cato and Clove have won the Games together. Their love was in fact an act. Now they are forced to love each other. And they do. They are forced to fight for survival.Snow will make sure to hold them back from achieving that, but Snow doesn't know, they won't give up, even if they are forced to fight again.


5. Chapter 5

Clove's POV                                                                                                                                                 

 "Jeff.Luna.Front and center!. Cato. Clove. Stand over there." Leo, the Career trainer for District Two walks in. Jeff and Luna stand up."Are you two that dumb?" Leo paced back a forth,hands behind his back, in front of them."Cato and Clove are the best Careers I've ever trained. I can see you got your ass kicked by Cato." Leo looks to Jeff."You never had a chance against him anyway. Your lucky he didn't kill you." Leo turns to Luna."Oh,Luna. You weren't so lucky. Not only did Clove kick your ass, but she stabbed you as well. You guys should know well enough that you can't beat them. They are better than every single one of you in here. Only they can beat each other.I don't know if you know but they just won the Hunger Games. Dumb ass's. That goes for the rest of you Careers." Leo turns to the rest of the room. The people who were once circled around are now scattered out around the room. " Nobody fight with experienced Careers. I'm sick of taking people to the medical room. People are going to think something is going on."                                                                             

 Cato and I have are arms crossed our chest. We laugh at all the compliments Leo is giving us. He is exactly right, we are better than everyone in here. Leo then turns to us."Oh,unfold your arms." Cato and I laugh, leaving our arms crossed." You two are victors! You don't use your skills for shenanigans like this! You two maybe the most skilled pair I've ever trained but you two are also the most hot-headed!"

"They challenged us. I never decline a challenge." Cato hisses at Leo.

"Maybe you should learn to turn one down. I know your twos situation with the Capitol. Decline a challenge ever once in awhile. Cato, I trained both of your parents and even they were better than this. And Clove, your parents would never do this either. Think of your mother."

"The difference between my mom and I is that she put up with your bullshit. Well, I don't know if you bossed her around and compared her to her mother but you are not going to do that to me." I hiss at Leo.

Cato and I are both pissed. Cato picks up a spear and throws it all the way across the room to nail a dummy in the chest. I aim a knife at Luna's hand,of course I don't resist to throw it. It impales her hand and she screams. She is definite pain. Two stabs to the shoulder and a knife to the hand, that has to hurt. 

"You are next,Leo. Remember, I never miss." I step up to Leo, but Cato makes sure to pull me back.

Cato's POV

Clove and I walk back to our house in Victor Village.I am still pissed off at Leo. How dare he do that. Literally seconds after we get home, a knock on the door is heard. It's two Peacekeepers.

"Cato!" Clove whispers. She has her back against the door. I walk it from the kitchen and tells me,"Be quiet. Peacekeepers."

"Shit.Don't answer." I whisper back.

"What's our alibi? They will surely be back later."

"We were.." I pause. Since we are "the Star-crossed Lovers from District Two" I get an idea."We were having sex."

"No! God damn it, Cato. Leave it to you. I'll think of a different one."

I pick her up and twirl her around the room."Moan!" I joke with her. She is easy to piss off and I know this will do it.

"Shut up, Cato." We begin laughing and we realize they can probably hear us.

"Mr. Hawks and Ms. Springs, we bring a gift from President Snow."

Clove jumps out of my arms and answers the door."Sorry for the delay. Cato and I, were,"She looks at me,"busy. How are you?" I can tell everything she is saying is one-hundred percent fake. She could care less how they are doing.

"Gift from President  Snow." One of the Peacekeepers hands Clove a leash, and they walk away.

"Cato!" Clove's eyes light up almost the same way she does when she sees blood or knives."Look!" There is a beautiful grey dog with bright blue eyes standing next to Clove. Clove is on the floor petting it. I can already tell she loves it."Can we keep him,Cato?" She asks me like a little kid. It would break her heart if I said no. I love seeing Clove happy,but I don't trust Snow.

It has a red collar with a not attached to it. I pull the note off and read it-

Dear Cato and Clove,

A little birdie told me how much you two wanted a dog. To congratulate you on your winning of the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games and your relationship, I present to you, Murphy. Since,you guys do have on having kids, this is a good place to start.Enjoy. I will see you guys shortly. And remember, I'm always watching.



"Can we, Cato?" Clove asks again.

"No. No. No.No.No. Don't beg me either."

"Cato, why can't I be happy? Whenever I'm happy, you take it away."

"Clove, it's for our protection. Watch." I pull Clove up off the ground and reach down her shirt.

"Perv! Don't touch me."

"Sorry, the only place I know you have a knife." I pull one out and stab the dog. No blood drips out and the skin doesn't even tear."Robot. This is Snow's way of spying on us."

"You're right. Let's burn it."

"Say that again."

"Burn it?"

"No, the other thing."

"You." Clove approaches me." Are." She stands in front of me and taps my nose."Right. I should always listen to Cato. Cato is always right and never wrong. Cato is the best. Cato is the king." Clove rolls her eyes and drapes her arms over my shoulders."I'm kidding of course."

I gentle brush my lips against hers. It's not long before her legs are wrapped around my torso and I have her up against a wall. I am almost certain Snow is watching. I hope he enjoys the show.

"Let's go upstairs."Clove breaths heavily as I kiss her neck. I take no time at all to process her request. I just do it. We try to go upstairs without our lips leaving each other. She is lucky I'm so strong. If she was with that scrawny boy I beat up, he would have dropped her a long time ago. We stumble getting up the stairs but we make it,our lips still together. I bring her to the master suite instead of my room,partially for Snows entertainment. 

I lay her on the bed and we continue making out."Cato." Clove likes to talk when we do this. She did this in the Games too.

"What, Clove?" I sigh.

"The door." I expected her to say stop or something. I get up and Clove laughs. I know exactly why. The dog is standing outside the door. I kick it and slam the door in it's face.

"It's a compliment, Princess." I go back to the bed and sit next to Clove. She sits on me, with her legs on either side of me.She teases me with her lips. Her hips grind on my body. She is killing me."Clove, you are killing me. Please,just do it."

Clove is wearing her training outfit. She has black cargo paints and a black v-neck on. Her hair is in a braid and it makes me want to go insane. I couldn't take it any longer and push her head down.  Thankfully, she gets the clue. She gives me a smirk and unzips my tan cargo shorts.

"Oh Clove, I missed you so much! " Harley barges in. He pauses."Oh, my. I'm sorry,Clovely." Harley walks out.

It's aware to me thank Clove, or should I saw Clovely, is mad. She goes to get up but I grab the back of her shirt."Fuck." I complain."You are going to leave me with this?"

"Cato, everyone will be here soon. It's just awkward."

"Oh no, sweetheart. You finish what you started."

"Fine." Clove smirks.                                                                                                          

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