The Fight For Survival*Icy with Brutal Sequel*

Please read Icy with Brutal first.
Cato and Clove have won the Games together. Their love was in fact an act. Now they are forced to love each other. And they do. They are forced to fight for survival.Snow will make sure to hold them back from achieving that, but Snow doesn't know, they won't give up, even if they are forced to fight again.


21. Chapter 21

Cato's POV

"Clove! Clove, please wake up." I shout. She floats with a pool of blood surrounding her. I pull her up onto the Cornucopia. She lays lifelessly in my arms. Her eyes are half shut. I feel for a pulse. It's faint and slow. She is dying."Clove,I'm so sorry." Tears drip off my face and onto hers. I just wait for a cannon. I pray that I won't hear it. I will never be able to live with myself if I hear that cannon. There is probably a hovercraft above waiting to grab me so I don't kill myself.

"Clove,I love you. I'm so sorry. I'm so so sorry. I broke a promise. Clove, please say something. Please. Anything. I beg you,Clove." I cry to her. She probably can't hear me,but I do it anyway. I've never cried this much before. I've only cried twice before this. All over Clove. Physically, I am barely hurt. I have a few broken bones, but that's it. Emotionally, I'm a wreck. My eyes are filled with tears,I can't focus, and my heart feels like it was just torn out of my chest.

"Clove, why won't you say anything. Please, Clove. Don't die. Don't leave me. I love you,Clove." I held her in my arms and cried. I took one knife out of her hands,leaving the other for herself to die with. I left her favorite one. I took it and looked at her. She still didn't move. No cannon yet. I pressed two fingers to her neck. Nothing. Clove was gone. As soon as I felt nothing, I screamed."No. How could this happen?" I took the knife and pressed it to my chest. I don't recall impaling myself, but eyes shut.

All I remember is saying,"I  love you,Clove. I'm sorry." I said that with tears still flowing done my face.

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