The Fight For Survival*Icy with Brutal Sequel*

Please read Icy with Brutal first.
Cato and Clove have won the Games together. Their love was in fact an act. Now they are forced to love each other. And they do. They are forced to fight for survival.Snow will make sure to hold them back from achieving that, but Snow doesn't know, they won't give up, even if they are forced to fight again.


16. Chapter 16

Cato's POV

"Ugh, why do we have to stand up here?" Clove asks me.

"So that the people can get one last look at us before twenty-three of us are dead." I reply.

"Didn't think about that." Cashmere rolls her eyes at Clove's comment."What?" Clove looked at Cashmere and Gloss. They turned away after seeing her face.

Eventually the interviews were over, Clove and I went back to our rooms.

"I'm going straight to bed." Clove kissed me goodnight a left.

"Night. See you tomorrow." I went into my room and slept.

The next morning, Brutus awake me and gave me the outfit I was to wear in the arena. It was  jumpsuit that seemed to be waterproof. The arena will most likely have lots of water, hence the waterproof jumpsuit. I can swim, but I can't help but wonder if Clove can. I won't see her until we are in the arena, so no way to ask her.

After I put it on, Cato dragged me to the hovercraft."I'll see you soon. Alive and well." Brutus patted my shoulder.

"No, you won't. You'll see Clove." I reply. Doesn't he know this already?

"I'm going to try to do whatever I can to get you both out. Plutarch likes you guys. So do the people."

"Thanks, Brutus. If you can't do it, just get her out. It's what I want. Don't listen to her. She said she doesn't want to live if I die."

"I know,Cato. Go."

I walk toward the hovercraft. When I get on, I sit down. A lady grabs my arm and inserts the tracker. The flight is long. Much longer than last year. When we land, two Peacekeepers escort me out. I go into the launch room. My   stylist hugs me.

"Good luck." She says.

"Thanks." I reply.

I walk into the tube. The platform raises shortly after I get in. As the platform raises, I can smell salt. As I look around, water is everywhere. Clove is on my right.

"Clove, can you swim." I ask her.

"Yeah. Can you?" She replies, eyes focused on the Cornucopia. The clock begins ticking down.


"What's the plan?"

"Jump to the rocks. Running is faster than swimming."

"Good idea." The rocks are a road to the Cornucopia. We are in jumping distance too. 


Clove and I are off. Clove is ahead of me. While everyone else is swimming, we are running. We are half way there too. Clove is first. She grabs as many knives as she can. She picks up a sword and gives it to me when I reach her. I grab a spear. Finnick and Johanna are next. They grab weapons and start fighting. Clove is gone.  District Three must not be able to swim. They haven't moved off their platforms. Clove runs toward them. I see someone come up behind her.

I throw my spear and hit the person. I believe it was District Nine. I kill him instantly. I retrieve it just in time to watch Clove throw two knives,one at each of them, at Three. Both are hits to the chest and they die instantly.

Clove darts past me. She is onto her next target. I go back to Corn to kill more people. I watch Clove kill both tributes from Twelve with only two knives. She never misses. Suddenly my sword is knocked from my hands.

"Cato!" I hear Clove scream."Duck!" She throws a knife from half way to the District Twelve platforms. She hits a guy in the shoulder. The time he takes to examine his arm buys me the chance to snap his neck. I pick up my sword. I kill three more people, and Clove gathers supplies. Finnick and Johanna both kill two. Between the four of us, twelve are dead. Cashmere and Gloss are also going to town killing people.

Clove's POV

"Let's go!" Johanna shouts to me. We run off to the beach. When we arrive away from the Cornucopia, Johanna and Finnick sit down."Let's go into the jungle. It is safe there."

"No. God knows what's in there." I shake my head in disagreement.

"Clove's right, but maybe if we keep moving we can avoid the trouble." Finnick says.

"What do you mean?" 

"Twelve compartments. I think that's a clue."

"He's right. Maybe each one holds a different thing." Cato interrupts. 

"On a schedule?" I ask.

"Possibly. We can stay here and find out."

"We need water."

"We'll make it a day without water."

"It's humid,Cato."

"I'm sure we go water,Clove."

"Let's look." Johanna interrupts. We look throw our backpacks. We have plenty of weapons. Cato has three swords and a spear, I have lots of knives, Johanna has a nice ax that I want, and Finnick has a trident. We have lots of food and survival supplies.

It begins to get dark. Gloss and Cashmere disappear into the jungle across from us. Their Career pack is weak. We are the Career pack. I don't trust Johanna and Finnick.

"I'll keep watch." I say at the same time as Cato.

"Clove, sleep." Cato says before I can say anything. I trust Cato. I laid down next to Cato. Finnick and Johanna were almost asleep instantly. The anthem played and the cannons fired. A total of fourteen were dead. Cato played with my hair while we watched the sky."Your hair is wet."

"No duh,Cato." I laugh.

"I didn't think you went in the water."

" I did to avoid being killed."

"Who tried to kill you?"


"Did you kill him?"

"No. He got away. He has a knife in his leg though."

Good. Oh, I forgot. Here." Cato handed me three knifes.

"Here, keep two." I hand him two."I have plenty. Why does this one have blood on it?"

"I  pulled it from the guy that tried to kill me. Thanks for saving me."

"No problem. To bad he moved just enough to avoid a lethal hit."

"That's ok. I think I took care of that."

"Did you use your spear yet?"

"I killed a guy who was going after you. You didn't know?"

"Nope. I didn't even realize someone was behind me. I just wanted to make sure my feet wouldn't slip."

"Yeah. I think he was just going to try to overpower you and use your own knife. He didn't appear to have a weapon."

"Oh, well thanks."

"Go to sleep." Cato kissed me and continued to play with my wet hair.

A few hours later, Cato shakes me awake."Look."

I see a giant tree. Lightning is crashing down on it."How long will that last?"

"I don't know. I think the trouble in every area is right."

"What seemed to be an hour later, it stopped. I then heard screaming. A cannon fired. A hovercraft dropped a claw. It did that multiply times."Cato, time."

"Is it a-"


"Let's go to the tree. We can just keep moving around to avoid the trouble." 

I kick Johanna and Finnick awake."Let's go."


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