The Fight For Survival*Icy with Brutal Sequel*

Please read Icy with Brutal first.
Cato and Clove have won the Games together. Their love was in fact an act. Now they are forced to love each other. And they do. They are forced to fight for survival.Snow will make sure to hold them back from achieving that, but Snow doesn't know, they won't give up, even if they are forced to fight again.


15. Chapter 15

Cato's POV

Training flies by.Clove and I wait to go into our private session. Cashmere is called first, then Gloss, then Clove.

"Good luck,Clove." Finnick wishes Clove luck. If he continues to flirt with her, I am going to beat his ass.

She comes out and sits down next to me."I'll wait."


"Good luck." 

I walk into the room."Cato Hawks, District Two." The Gamemakers clap. I guess they like me. I pick up a sword and fight with some trainer. It's obvious he has no clue what he is doing. Then, I go against the computerized people. I win easily. Then,spears.  Again, I impressed them, fatally hitting every "person".

I walked out and Clove was waiting."How did you do?" She asks.

"Good. You?" I ask. We walk into the elevator.

"Got a standing ovation."

"You deserve it." I have a bit of jealousy deep down, but it's Clove. I want her to do good.

When we get to the apartment, our stylists are waiting. I go with my stylists, Kyaley."How did training go?" She asks. She annoys me. Her high pitched voice, her green hair, her long nails. Everything about her.

"Good." I reply,coldly.

"So, for your interview we are obviously going with red. I'm thinking a red tux with black accents. What do you think?"

"Don't make me look stupid."

Olivia pops her head in," We are going black,white, and red."

"Thanks, Olivia." She turns to me."I've got an idea!"

"Great." I sarcastically say. Kyaley appears to be young but the green hair and long nails make her look twice her age.

For once, she design a half way decent tux without Olivia's help.

'Done! Now, let's go see your scores." She pulls me out. It seems that the Capitol is rushing things. Interviews are tonight. Tomorrow, the Games begin.

Clove is wearing her dress and she looks great. I sit down next to her. They announce the scores. We only listen to ours.

"Clove Springs, twelve. Cato Hawks, twelve." Cesar Flickermen announces. 

Clove and I hug until Brutus makes a good point."I see what they did."

"What?" I ask him.

"They made you even bigger targets than you already are. You are new. There is no connection between any of you and the other victors. Therefore, easiest to kill. Now, they made you get high scores so they urge to avenge your high score."

"Did you ever think we deserved it?'

"No, but I'm sure you do."

"Interviews are in ten. Let's go." Enobaria drags us down. Clove is wearing a black dress with red ribbon around it. She has white shoes on. I am wearing a tux almost identical to ones I have wore before. It's black with read accents. Clove and I have matching white tennis shoes.

We line up. I guess we are going out together. First, Gloss and Cashmere go out together. They plead how they find that the Capitol betrayed them. Within minutes we are on. 

Clove's POV

"May I present, from District Two, Cato and Clove!"Cesar Flickermen calls our names out. Cato and I walk out, our fingers interlocked, and sit down."Hello, it seems like we just say you."

"You did." Cato says.

"So, what does it feel like to be back?"

"Oh, you know Cesar, just like it felt the first time. Feels like shit." I spit out.

"Strong opinion, I see. You,Cato?"

"Couldn't of said it better." Cato laughs.

"So, you two had to hold off the wedding, am I right?"

"Yes." I answer.

"I'm very sorry for that."

"Obviously the Capitol isn't. They put us in this  situation." 


"If they gave a shit about us, we probably wouldn't be here. Instead we'd be mentoring two kids to walk to there death. Simple."

"You two got twelves! How great that is.  Congrats. I have been trying to avoid the topic but, only one of you can win. How do you feel about that?"

'Of course, I feel like it's utter bullshit but, who really cares what I say? Plus, if one of us dies, so does the other. I'm not leaving the arena as a victor without Cato."

"I'm not leaving that arena as a victor without Clove."

"So sweet. Are you worried about the competition?"

"Sure. Whatever. I just want to say that we were promised we'd never have to sit here again as a tribute, but here we are. They are making friends,siblings, and lovers fight to the death all over again. There isn't a thing we can do about it either. It's a shame too. If only-"

"She's right. This bullshit of a place can't keep their own promises. There loss not ours. If only they'd fight in the arena. Maybe they'd get it." Cato interrupts me.

"Well, everyone. This is Cato and Clove!" Cesar interrupts us.

I put a fake smile on and so does Cato. We walk off the stage. We are dead anyways. What does it matter anymore.As we walk up the steps to the platform where we are suppose to stand, I hope they just shot Cato and I now. Get it over with. Instead, we have to stand next to Cashmere and Gloss and watch the rest of the interviews. It's aware that all tributes are trying to persuade the Capitol out of this. I doubt it will work.

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