The Fight For Survival*Icy with Brutal Sequel*

Please read Icy with Brutal first.
Cato and Clove have won the Games together. Their love was in fact an act. Now they are forced to love each other. And they do. They are forced to fight for survival.Snow will make sure to hold them back from achieving that, but Snow doesn't know, they won't give up, even if they are forced to fight again.


13. Chapter 13

Cato's POV

My jaw dropped at Clove's words."Clove, are you serious?"

"Well,I didn't take a test or anything, but I'm almost one-hundred percent  positive." She looked to the ground.

"Clove,if this is a joke it isn't funny.Clove." I grab her and lift her head up."Clove, we can't be parents. At least not now!"


"No,Clove. I'm serious. Snow already wants to kill us. And we'd be the worst parents ever."

"How do you know?"

"Well, we are heartless. That kid wouldn't have a chance. Please tell me this is a joke."

"It's not. I'll take a test when we get to the Capitol."

"Clove, I'm not ready to be a dad and I never will be. Plus, I'm walking into my death right now. Not good timing at ll."

"I know. Let's just forget about it."

"I can't forget,Clove."

"Cato, please."

"Ok, I'll try."

"Clove? Cato?" Enobaria shouted for us.

"In here." I reply.

"What are you guys doing? We need to talk. Come on out to the table."

"Ok." Clove and I go to the dining car and sit down. I'm flustered with what Clove just told me so I can't seem to focus.

"So, listen. District One has Gloss and Cashmere. Brother and sister. Won back to back years. They are good. Then there is Wiress and Beetee from District Three. No use for them really. Finnick O'Dair from District Four. Not only is he adorable but he is useful. Think about him. Mags, no use. Johanna Mason from District Seven. She is good. Then there is also Cecilia,Chaff,Haymitch,Woof, and Seeder. They will not benefit you much. I recommend going with Johanna,Finnick, and/or District One."

"For allies?" I ask

"Yes,Cato. You need allies to win."

"I don't want allies." Clove interrupts.

"It's not up to you,sweetheart. If you want to live I suggest you make some friends."

"I'm not good at that."

"We know,Clove."

"We will be to the Capitol soon. This train is twice the speed of the last one. The Capitol has spared no expense. New living quarters and a new training center. I suspect the arena will be very hard this year. You guys got lucky last year."

"Fine, I'll make friends. Cato and I aren't the friendliest of all people." 

"Oh, who wouldn't like Cato? I've got an idea."


"You get Finnick and Gloss, and Cato gets Johanna and Cashmere."

"No, not going to happen."

"Fine, let's eat."

Clove's POV

Cato doesn't talk much. I'm not sure if it's because of what I just told him or something else. We eat our lunch in peace. We arrive at the Capitol soon after our lunch.

"Let's go." Harley escorts us to our new living quarters. They are so much better than last years."The parade is tonight. Go see your stylists. They are in your rooms."

I walk into my room and hug Olivia."Olivia, I'm going to miss you." I say.

"What do you mean?" She asks..

"I'm going to die."

"Clove, you can win."

"No, the Capitol wants both Cato and I dead. If I win, they'll kill me after."
"Let's  design you an outfit that all will remember."

Olivia got to work and designed a costume way better than last years. It was a short dress with a belt that had my knives hanging from it. It was simply, yet explained masonry. It  was perfect.

"How do I look?" I asked Olivia.

"Like a winner."

"Thank you."

"Let's go see Cato."

Cato's costume was simply too. Instead his had two swords draping off the belt. It was perfect for him."You look nice,Cato." I smile and walk over to our chariot.

"I know. So do you." He replied.

"That girl can't possibly be a victor. "I point to the girl from District Twelve.

"They didn't have a female victor. They had to choose from kids."

"That's what it looked like."

"Great, it's Finnick."

"Hello, lovers." Finnick leaned up against the horse that was to pull our chariot.

"Finnick." Cato spits.

"Aw,Cato. Heard you are trying to steal my spotlights with your looks." Finnick laughed. He was known to be gorgeous. I never as attracted to him. He wore next to nothing. His costume looked like a fishnet on the bottom. I guess the stylist though, more Finnick, the better.

"I don't have to try." Cato was normally this cocky. Finnick was exactly the same.

"Maybe we should be allies."

"Depending on your skill level."

"You know my skill level. It depends on yours."

"You don't have to worry about my skill level."

"You sure?"


I thought two cocky victors, like Finnick and Cato, would get along quite well. Why did I kid myself?

"Tributes,board your chariots." A voice called out. Cato and I did just that.

As the horses pulled the chariot out into the dimming sunlight, it was aware we were already crowd favorites.People held signs that read 'Power of the C' It confused me, but I didn't question.

I stared down Snow. I wish I could take one of these knives and lodge it in his head.After the parade, we got off the chariot. Gloss and Cashmere, were eyeing us.

"What's there issue?" I ask Cato.

"I am not sure. I feel like hurting them though. Those stupid names." Cato clenched his fists.

"I agree."

"Good job guys! Let's get back to the apartment. Training starts tomorrow." Enobaria grabbed us and dragged us back to the 'apartment'."What the hell,Clove! Don't eyeball Snow. He knows exactly what you were doing."

"Good." I reply."Now, let me go plot his death." I stomp off to my room,Cato not far behind.

"Here." Cato hands me some stick.

"What is it?"

"A pregnancy test."

"Where did you get it?"

"An Avox. Take it.'

"Ok,fine." It required you to prick your finger. I put my finger on the prick and it took my blood."We just have to wait."

"I hope it's negative." Cato said. I knew it'd be positive, but Cato's reaction hurt me. It came back.

"Negative." I said to Cato.

"Good. I told you."

"Yeah. I'm going to get some rest. Training is tomorrow."


I walked out of Cato's room with the test in my hand that read positive.

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