3. House

All I remember when I woke up was Niall saying "Hello." I woke up in an unfamiliar place. I see Aly sitting next to me. "Whe-Where are we?" I ask. "We're in the boys house." She answers being surprising calm. I hear an Irish accent it say "Is she waking up?" I casually sit up and see it's Niall Horan sitting next to me. He quickly says "Please don't faint again, please!" "I don't think I will." I laugh. Aly leaves the room and goes to find Liam. Now it's just Niall and I in the room. I know he knows I like him it's obvious I fainted when he said "Hello" well I guess he had me at Hello. Anyways he was talking to me the whole time I was trying to remember what happened to me. "Taylor are you okay?" He kept asking me "Yes I'm fine. I guess this was all a little overwhelming." I answer

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