The guardian angel

Det handler om det mørke man møder i løbet af sit liv, men også om den speciale person der kan fjerne det hele.


1. The guardian angel

Everybody knows the darkness.
Everybody feel it.
The deadly poison inside grows.
How does anybody get past that?
You never did, you never will.
It grows inside you, bigger and bigger until it have consumed your body.
You can try to stop it, but nothing will help.
All your feelings will become invisible, all you will feel is the darkness.
Bit by bit your body dies, the darkness takes over every cell, every little piece of body.
But everything has its cure.
But to get it, you must look for a long time.

A black smoky sky takes over the whole body.
Not a simple cell left alive.
A simple touch by an angel and it can all be fixed.
All you need is you guardian angel.
When you meet him, everything will change.
He will offer you a hand out of the darkness.
He becomes your man, the one you always love.
But he can’t stay forever.

He went away, and with that the darkness came back.
You tried to stop it; you tried to think about him.
But nothing but his presence can make it go away.
You’re falling into the darkness, letting everything go.
Saying goodbye to the world you know.
The darkness is the only thing back.
Every person, every light has disappeared.
But you know a single person can change that.
Where is he you wonder.

You got to get over this on your own.
After years of fighting, you finally see the light.
The light of the end of the tunnel.
And he comes back.
Strokes your hair, tell you he loves you.
You ask why.
He says “Only on your own it could truly be over.”

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