Finding Him

Finding love was not on Nova's mind when she got a call from the famous Harry styles. She was freaked no literally. Read to find out what happens.


8. Understanding

It took Harry only minutes to confess. He told me about how his father had temporarily moved to Maine, and how when Harry came to visit he had found his dad drunkily hitting a woman he had never seen before. He also told me how he had picked up and glass vase told the woman to run and hit his father over the head with the vase. I nodded my head listening and remembering everything he said. But I couldn't concentrate. Where have I seen him before?

"Harry? Where have I seen you before?" I asked.

"I um... I'm in a band called one direction and we are kind of world famous." He mumbled.

OMG that's the band my sister is obsessed with!

I nod my head and mouthed and o with my lips.

"Hey um... Nova? Can I tell you something?"

"Yeas Harry go ahead."

"I think you're very pretty and... Willyoucomebacktoenglandwithme?!" He rushed.

I scrunch my eyebrows piecing together what he jus said.

"Yes Harry. I will go back to England with you."

Yay I finally updated! I might also have a new co author!!! Ahhhh yay!

Love you lovies!-xx

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