Finding Him

Finding love was not on Nova's mind when she got a call from the famous Harry styles. She was freaked no literally. Read to find out what happens.


12. Introductions

I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. I must be in Harry room. I looked at the clock. 8:30 p.m. I looked down and I was still in my dress. I heard multiple peoples voices downstairs. I got up and walked to my suitcase which had been set on the other side of the room. I grabbed an oversized short sleeve shirt and a pair of gray joggers and put them on, along with my shirt. I tip toe down the wooden stairs. I peer around the corner. I see another boy with Harry. He had brown short hair and blue eyes. There was a girl he had his arm around. She had brown reddish hair that was just under her shoulders. She also had pretty blue green eyes. She must be Louis' girlfriend.

"You should date her mate. You seem pretty into her." The blue eyed one said.

"I might ask her out." Harry answered.

I felt flutters in my stomach. He likes me back?


Oh crap.

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