Finding Him

Finding love was not on Nova's mind when she got a call from the famous Harry styles. She was freaked no literally. Read to find out what happens.


10. England

I told Harry to rest before I went home. When I got home I dragged my Neon pink suitcase out of my closet and flopped it on my bed. I let out a straggled sigh and opened it. I grabbed my clothing out of my closet and stuffed it in my suitcase. After about an hour I finally finished packing my suitcase. I picked up my iPhone and dialed Harry's number.

Ring ring, ring ring

"Hey." I heard a husky voice answer at the end of the line.

"Hey Harry. I'm done packing." I say gingerly.

"Ok I'll be there to pick you up in Bout ten minutes." He said.

"Ok bye." I said hanging up.

I picked up my suitcase by the Handle and slugged it down the stairs. I threw on my bright blue Keds to go along with my gold and blue lace skater dress. I grabbed my light blue leather jacket. As you can probably tell that blue and gold are to me the best colors ever. I quickly curled my dark brown hair parted it to the side.

Knock knock

I ran over to the door and opened it. It was Harry.

"Hey beautiful. Ready to go?"

Did he just call me beautiful?

-skip plane ride and car ride-

"Nova. Babe wake up we're here."

I slowly opened my eyes to see a huge house. Woah.

-Harry's POV-

"Nova. Babe wake up we're here." I said shaking her lightly.

She opened her big brown eyes slowly. I gazed at her. She's so beautiful. I would do anything for her. I know I just met her but... Ugh.

I got out of the car and grabbed her suitcase out if the trunk. I watched her as she slowly opened the car door. She looked pale and over tired. I carried in her suitcase and walked back outside to help her to the house. She stumbled tripping and falling. I ran and caught her split second. I carried her bridal style into the house and up to my bedroom. I laid her down on me bed and watched her fall asleep.

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