Finding Him

Finding love was not on Nova's mind when she got a call from the famous Harry styles. She was freaked no literally. Read to find out what happens.


17. Confused

I'm confused. How can a simple girl like me, fall for a guy like Harry? For god's sake we like just met and we've already kissed!! Oh my god.

"Nova, are you asleep yet?" I here Harry's voice sing song from the lit hallway. I sit up and turn my head to look at him.

He was leaning up against the doorway with his arms crossed. He was wearing cloth shorts and no shirt. I blushed immensely and buried my head under my pillow. He chuckled.

"Mind if I joined??

"Nope not at all." I said my voice muffled by the suffocating pillow.

I felt his body weigh down the mattress next to me.

Crap! I forgot I wasn't wearing pants!! All of a sudden, I felt Harry's calloused hand start gently gliding up and down my thigh.

"Oh my god Harry." I said my voice cracking.

"What boo? Did I do something??" He asked. Slyly laying his hand on my butt. I could feel him laughing.

"You're not funny Harry. Stop your-" I was interrupted by a hand sliding up and down my back.

Why now?? We just met. Well I'm ok with it.

He leaned forward and kissed the back of my neck. I turned on my other side facing towards him. I bit my lip to hold back laughter.

"Babe stop." He said seriously.

"What? Did I do something wrong?" I said seducingly.

"Stop it Nova. Alright you asked for it." He said jumping on top of me.

To be continued ;)

A/N OMG a lot of people are reading this! I really want to get my likes and etc up so yeah!! Thanks lovies!! xx

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