Finding Him

Finding love was not on Nova's mind when she got a call from the famous Harry styles. She was freaked no literally. Read to find out what happens.


15. born to die

"I'm bored." Harry said bluntly. I looked at him. My eyes widened.

"We could listen to my music." I gushed. My cheeks burned. I felt his sea green eyes bore into mine.

"Sure." He said.

A few minutes later

"Feet don't fail me now, take me to the finish line." I sing, dancing slightly. I feel a hand grab mine and my eyes shoot open. Harry pulled me up an twirled me to his chest. We danced for I don't know how long.

"These are your last words this is your last time, cos baby you and I, we were born to die." I finish the song. I turn as the music leads on slowly. I look him straight in the eyes for the first Time. I never realized how beautiful they were.

She looked straight back at me. He leans down and kissed me softly. My eyes widened, then slowly closed. I run my fingers through his hair. He rests his forehead against mine.

"Do kiss all the girls like that?" I say my voice wavering.

"Well, this kiss is for a girl I care about," he says kissing me softly again. "This is for a girl who is cute," he says kissing me again, "and this is for a girl I love." He says kissing me one last time. "Feel the difference?" He asks. I nod slowly. "Now go to bed it's late!" He yells as I run up the stairs.

"Your not my mother!" I yell back down giggling.

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