A Real World Hunger Games

This is like a real world hunger games, but is a little different. There are no more continents except for North America. A meteorite has destroyed the other 6 continents. North America's people can not thrive or live without the help of food being imported from the other continents, so, North America is broken up into 12 districts. Each district must find a way to make a certain amount of food for the other districts, and each district is assigned their amount. When the people of the capital realize that each district can't support the rest of North America's people, they select 24 people from each district, and each district has it's own game each year. Only two people will survive from the group that has been drawn. This helps keep the population steady. Only 2,ooo people are allowed per district. The games help decrease the number of people. Oh Ya, there is also only a quarter of the world left, just enough land for North America to stay on. They call these games, the Hunger Games.


16. .

    I continue to walk, trying not to think of what Garrett said. It will make me weak.

    Last night it showed that 4 people died. There are 10 people left in the games. 10 people. Only 10 people. That is sick considering this is only the third day of the games and it makes me a little relieved that I'll only have to fight 10 people. Sick I say. Sick. I guess they died from the acid rain and lack of food and water.

    I trudge along the thick forestry with my hand clasped around my knife. I hold it firmly incase anyone decides to come up. I'm sure they are going to be making the walls move in closer so it brings us toward each other for more kill. The people of the capital disgust me with their entertainment ways.

    I come across one of the strange raccoon/dear creatures again. This one looks stuck in a trap. I'm betting someone put traps out in order to kill for food. I pass it. Where there is food there are people. I must keep walking. I would definitely not want to eat those things if they are able to drink acid water. Well, I know at least one person will be dead tonight after that meal. 

   I get a couple yards away from the animal when I hear it moan. Turning around to examine it, I notice something a few yards away behind thick brush that I did not see before. My mind starts to recollect itself. It was not the animal moaning, it was a human. I jog over to the human. It is hard to tell if it is a he or a she because of the green bubbles outlining its face. I bring my hand up to my face. The bubbles are similar to the ones I have. It moans again. Now I can tell it's a girl.

    I crouch down beside her. There really is nothing I can do since I left the cream back with Garrett.  She looks about 15. I look at her closer and I notice the long, brown hair. I now know that she is the only girl I knew when I started the games. The flawless, model-like ninth grader that could have lived a full life to go on to the capital and be admired by thousands. But now, she doesn't even resemble the girl she was when she started the games. Now...now she is dying.

   I hold her halfway bubbled hand and sing her the blue jay song.


~~ Little bird, don't be shy, spread your wings and fly.

    Fly away, to heaven's gates, you really haven't died.

    Your soul, will live in my heart, as you take another step in life.-------

    Your soul will live in my heart, even though your body has cried.------

      Little bird, don't be shy, spread your wings and fly.

    I'll be there one day, to laugh, to play.

     And maybe I'll stay-----

     with you, my little blue------  jay-----

     It was more of a love song, but I sang it to her anyway because of its soothing tone. She seemed to relax a little bit and loosened her tightening grip on my hand. I  brought my hand up to my chest and squeezed, keeping the  blood from rushing to fast through my veins and causing pain. She was extremely strong. Her grip had made my hand turn halfway purple. I wanted to let go of her hand but if I was dying I would have wanted someone else to do the same. I felt her pulse with my hand on her chest. It was rapidly slowing down. I sat there with her and hummed the song until I knew she was dead.

    I began to get up and walk away when she grabbed my hand and pulled me down. My heart about burst out of my chest.

    "I want my mom and dad!" she cried

   Then she let go of my arm and it fell beside her. Now I knew she was dead.

    I almost fainted. My mind was racing with so many different things. Before I had time to collect my thoughts, a giant claw came down and picked her corpse up. I backed away and watched it. I had never seen this before. I actually had not even thought of how the body was picked up.

    When the claw disappeared into the helicopter and took off, I began my long walk again, no, not walk, I ran. Sobbing. Wanting to find Derek. Wanting to get out of here.


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