A Real World Hunger Games

This is like a real world hunger games, but is a little different. There are no more continents except for North America. A meteorite has destroyed the other 6 continents. North America's people can not thrive or live without the help of food being imported from the other continents, so, North America is broken up into 12 districts. Each district must find a way to make a certain amount of food for the other districts, and each district is assigned their amount. When the people of the capital realize that each district can't support the rest of North America's people, they select 24 people from each district, and each district has it's own game each year. Only two people will survive from the group that has been drawn. This helps keep the population steady. Only 2,ooo people are allowed per district. The games help decrease the number of people. Oh Ya, there is also only a quarter of the world left, just enough land for North America to stay on. They call these games, the Hunger Games.


15. .

    I wake up to find a still, peaceful looking, sleepy Garrett. His eyes are still closed and his breathing is slowed to a pattern that follows his chest going up and down. I check the bumps around his arms without disturbing him. They have formed to little scabs that you could just scrape off. That medicine does a world of wonders.

   The bubbles on my arms have turned to scabs also, and the tingling is gone. Thank goodness. I may have died if that feeling continued to go on.

    I try to comb my hair with my fingers, but it is no use. It is such a tangled mess. My suit is torn around my arms, my skin is bubbled, scratched, and bruised, and my whole body feels numb. And we are only on the third day of the hunger games.

    I rummage around in the bag for food, and come up with two pieces of stale bread, a bag of Chex mix, and a jar of jelly. Not the greatest stuff to eat, but enough to keep us from starving. I decide to keep the rest of the food for later.

     Garrett wakes up from the racket I made trying to find food. He sits up slowly and rubs his eyes.

    "I'm sorry, did I wake you?" I ask apologetically

    "Nehh, couldn't sleep anyway." He replies through yawning

    "Want some breakfast?"

    "Sure what's you got?"

    "Some bread, Chex mix, and jelly."

   "I'll take a piece of bread with jelly."

   I slap some jelly on a piece of bread then toss it to him.

   "Thanks." He says

   "No prob." I reply

   We continue to eat our breakfast in silence until we are done.

   "So, what are we going to do today? Personally, I vote we just stay in the cave because my ankle still hurts." he says

    "We can't stay here forever. The food will run out. We must find Derek."

    "Yah but for today we can stay here."

   "No, we can't. We will be starved by the time we find him. There is definitely not enough food to last us."

     "But I can't walk."

    "Then I will go by myself."

    "I will not let you go by yourself."

    "Sure you will, considering you can't barely get up." I smirk then without letting him try to stop me, I grab one knife, the bow, the bag with a little food and water in it, then head towards the exit of the cave. I leave him enough food and water to keep him from dying of starvation for a couple days, and a knife for protection.

   He just sits there and watches me until he finally collects himself and begins to speak again.


   "I'm not waiting for you Garrett. You will die out there. I must find Derek by myself."

    "If I don't see you again, I want to tell you thanks for being a great friend."

    I fumble for words as I stand at the exit of the cave. I open my mouth to tell him something but I quickly snap it shut. There is nothing left to say. He stares at me waiting for me to reply, but I just can't. Before tears come to my eyes, I exit the cave and begin my journey.





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