A Real World Hunger Games

This is like a real world hunger games, but is a little different. There are no more continents except for North America. A meteorite has destroyed the other 6 continents. North America's people can not thrive or live without the help of food being imported from the other continents, so, North America is broken up into 12 districts. Each district must find a way to make a certain amount of food for the other districts, and each district is assigned their amount. When the people of the capital realize that each district can't support the rest of North America's people, they select 24 people from each district, and each district has it's own game each year. Only two people will survive from the group that has been drawn. This helps keep the population steady. Only 2,ooo people are allowed per district. The games help decrease the number of people. Oh Ya, there is also only a quarter of the world left, just enough land for North America to stay on. They call these games, the Hunger Games.


12. .

We were far back inside of the cornucopia. Garrett was still asleep. I was awake, throwing a small wooden ball that seemed to have fallen off a spear, back and forth, bumping it off the wall and letting it come back to me. We were surrounded by a little bit of supplies, some weapons, and food. We had been nibbling on the food through the night, making sure we had enough for later. It was the second day of the hunger games, and it felt as if I were dying of thirst. People already took the good weapons and water clarifiers. They had left the crappy trail mix and stale bread behind.

   Garrett was still asleep, leaned up against the wall next to me. He fell over and leaned his head on my shoulder. I pushed him off, and he fell off the little pile of supplies we were sitting on. I laughed. He got up, rubbing his head.

 "What was that for, Darian?" He asked in an agitated voice.

  "Oh, nothing, I just wanted to see what you would do if I pushed you off the little pile."

  "Well I'm gonna tell you what I'm going to do, I'm gonna do this!" He pushed me, and I fell backwards, laughing. He started to laugh, and then took a sip from a water bottle. "Where did you get that?!" I asked pointing in the direction of the bottle.

 "Oh this? I found it when you pushed me off that little pile thing. Oh yah, there was like a thousand of them buried underneath weapons."

  "You idiot! Why didn't you tell me?!"

  "I wanted to annoy you."

   "Well it worked!" I climbed back up to where he was sitting, and grabbed it from his hands. I started to drink, as if I hadn't had one drop in over a thousand years.

   "Thirsty much?" He asked me.

   "Uhh, yah!" I continued to drink.

   "Hey, I also found this strange looking bow, I mean I don't know if you could put it to use or anything, but it's a thought." He pulled a large bow out from underneath the pile and held it to where I could see. I almost choked on some water.

   "Garrett! Where...How? How did you find that?!"

  "Well, I found it down here when you pushed me, along with like ten other water bottles."

  "Why didn't you tell me earlier?! Somebody could've spotted us in here and killed us!"

  "In here, nehh, people already got what they need if they've lived through a day of the hunger games, plus, I wanted to surprise you. I saw you eye this bow when we first walked in. I guess people are more into knifes and crap. Anyway, here you are." He threw it to me, and I caught it in my hands, tracing the hand carved characters that ran up it.

    "It's beautiful Garrett, thanks."

   "Oh don't thank me, thank the game makers. They're the ones that put it in here."

   "Ok, Thank you game makers!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. We both laughed. We sat there for a little while, eating more little bites of the stale bread and Chex mix, and sipping out of a water bottle.

  "Are you done? Cuz, I think we should get going, we really need to find Derek, he's probably worrying about us."

   "Yah, I'm done. Hey, did you see the images of the people who died last night? I fell asleep too quick."

   "Yah, it was nobody we knew. They mostly seemed to be girls. 8 people in all died, 6 girls, 2 boys."

  "What about the black headed boy?"

  "Didn't see him up there, he's still trooping out in the forest."

  "You know, we should give him a name. Instead of black headed boy, it should be..." He thought for a little bit, then snapped his fingers and pointed to me. "Scavenger."

  "Definitely not scavenger." I said

   "OK, but I think that's a good name for him, you know, since he was running around in circles, trying to kill people."

   "Alright, I see what you mean. Scavenger. I like it. Now, let's collect as much stuff as we can carry, incase Scavenger comes upon us." We both laugh, then start to look for weapons.

   I crawl towards the opening of the cornucopia and rummage through all of the left over weapons and food. I find a little pocket knife and stick it in my boot. I continue to look for weapons, but mostly for arrows. We rummage for ten minutes until I call it quits. If we haven't found what we need by now, then it's not here.

   "Did you find anything?" I ask Garrett who pops out from behind a pile of weapons.

    "Well...I found some more stale bread and knifes that I could use, but nothing that I really am looking for."

   "Ya, same here. I'm trying to look for arrows but I can't find them. Did you?"


   "Hmmm. They have to be here though because I wouldn't understand why someone would take arrows and not the bow. It just doesn't make sense."

   Garrett had his hand up to his head in a thinking position.

   "Unless someone took the arrows so nobody could use the bow."

    "Yah, or maybe even Derek took them."

    "Maybe, hopefully he did."


    After we are done rummaging threw the rest of the stuff, Garrett and I come up with 2 good knives for him, the bow, but no arrows, for me, my little pocket knife, and a bag full of water bottles and stale food.

   "I say we got what we need, so let's head out." He insists

    "Agreed." I answer.

   We continue to walk towards the woods, taking our time but still keeping an eye out for "Scavenger."

  We pass a herd of the strange creature I met down at the creek. There were even baby ones. And they were not cute babies whatsoever. They were quite creepy looking. We continue to walk but stop when we hear a rustling noise.

   "What is that?" I whisper to Garrett who is holding the bag and both knives.

   "I'm not sure, but take one of these."

   He throws me one of the knives and I hold it in a "ready to kill angle."

   We stand back to back like off of an action movie when people are surrounded. I take in a deep breath then let it out. Before I can fully let it out, a spear flies past Garrett's head and lands in front of me. I look up to where it flew from. A girl perched in a tree positions another spear in her hand, ready to let go of it.

   "Duck!" I scream to Garrett.

   He obediently ducks and I follow him down. I whisper in his ear in a rushed voice "run."

    We both take off at a sprint with me in the lead. We run through thick brush and Garrett trips over a stick jutting out of the ground. He yelps. I look behind me to see that the girl has jumped out of the tree and is now coming our way. I try to help Garrett up but he is too heavy, instead I stand in front of him and close my eyes, letting the seconds before I die pass through me. The only possible thing I can do is kill her. Yes. I must kill her.



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