A Real World Hunger Games

This is like a real world hunger games, but is a little different. There are no more continents except for North America. A meteorite has destroyed the other 6 continents. North America's people can not thrive or live without the help of food being imported from the other continents, so, North America is broken up into 12 districts. Each district must find a way to make a certain amount of food for the other districts, and each district is assigned their amount. When the people of the capital realize that each district can't support the rest of North America's people, they select 24 people from each district, and each district has it's own game each year. Only two people will survive from the group that has been drawn. This helps keep the population steady. Only 2,ooo people are allowed per district. The games help decrease the number of people. Oh Ya, there is also only a quarter of the world left, just enough land for North America to stay on. They call these games, the Hunger Games.


8. .

     I was the first one to wake up. This was the last day before the games.

   I grabbed my wooden bow and hunting sack, and headed for the woods. I began walking for a while when something zapped me.

   "Oww!" I cried.

    I had accidentally ran into the district's boundary line. An invisible electric fence. I didn't understand exactly why the fence was invisible. The only reason I thought that they would be invisible is for people not to be able to see the cords and jump them.

   I walked in the opposite direction until I saw a perfect climbing tree. Using my arrows for climbing support, I climbed higher and higher until the branches became to skinny to hold me. I poked my head up over the leaves and branches, and strained my eyes as far as they could see. I was so high up I could see most of District 12. The people walking around town looked like little tiny ants. I wish I could just shoot my bow in the direction of them and see if an arrow would actually shoot anyone, but I decided against it just incase I shot someone important, or someone I knew.

    I wish I could just stay in that tree for a hundred years. Or until I died. I keep getting mixed feelings about the games.

    Maybe it'll be a new chance for a better life, if I actually won...no...people like me don't get that lucky. I could just die the first day and be over with it, but Derek won't let that happen to me.

I decide I would actually try, for the sake of Garrett and Derek. But, if it came down to the three of us, I would find a way to kill myself just so they can go on and win. I was so miserable, a pile of gold wouldn't cheer me up.

    "Darian!" Derek yelled.

   Crap. He's probably going to make me go back to the hut so we can say goodbye to everyone. I really don't care about anyone right now, I know all that they're thinking when they see me is "Thank gosh it was you who got picked, and not my precious child."

   Stupid self-centered people.

   When they were calling out the tributes during the drawings, I noticed that nobody besides me volunteered.

   I climbed down from the tree, and ran back to the hut. I passed many wild animals on the way. I saw two birds fighting over a berry. I wished that was my biggest challenge, trying to get the berry. Then I saw two squirrels jumping from tree to tree, they looked so happy. I know most of the wild animals only live for about 10 years, but they all seemed to have a happy 10 years. I would trade in a long, hard life for a short, happy life any day.

    I made it back to the hut.

     I noticed Jenny's family was standing there. Jenny was holding a blue ribbon in her hand. She had a blue ribbon tied in her hair and so did her mom. Her dad had it pinned to his shirt. Derek was also holding a blue ribbon. I didn't notice Garrett. He probably went home to spend tome with his grandma.

   "What's this?" I asked

    Jenny handed me the blue ribbon.

    "This blue ribbon represents the tears I cry for you, Darian. So you don't need to cry anymore. It also represents sadness, to show the game makers how much sorrow they are putting on other people's hearts for taking away our friends and family. I want you to wear it on game day as a gift from me. We will all be wearing it." she said with tears rolling down her cheeks

    "We?" I asked

    "We as in the whole town. Since you're the youngest girl, we thought it was only right for you to wear the rebel flag. It's to show the capital the sorrow they put on our hearts." Her mom answered

   "As beautiful as it is, I really can't take it. Thank you, but I don't want to start any mischief."

   I handed the ribbon back to Jenny.

   "No!" she stopped me, and didn't accept to take it back.

    "If anything were to happen, we'd be right here to back you up." Her dad assured

     "Ok. Ummm, thanks?"

     "Anytime dear."

    Jenny cut it in half with her pink pocketknife, and tied it at the end of my pigtails.

    Her mom and dad took off towards the town, but Jenny stayed.

   "I want to thank you for volunteering for me, Darian. You really are a true friend."

    She hugged me then took off towards her parents.

    "I'm gonna cheer you on Darian!" she yelled back to me

    I stood there, speechless. Silent tears rolled down my cheek. I had never cried this much in my life. Actually, I don't think I had ever cried before the games. I had always been tough.

    "Let's go inside, Darian. I warmed up the rest of the bread for you." Derek said

    I didn't move. I just stood there reliving that moment. That was the last time I would ever see my best friend.



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