A Real World Hunger Games

This is like a real world hunger games, but is a little different. There are no more continents except for North America. A meteorite has destroyed the other 6 continents. North America's people can not thrive or live without the help of food being imported from the other continents, so, North America is broken up into 12 districts. Each district must find a way to make a certain amount of food for the other districts, and each district is assigned their amount. When the people of the capital realize that each district can't support the rest of North America's people, they select 24 people from each district, and each district has it's own game each year. Only two people will survive from the group that has been drawn. This helps keep the population steady. Only 2,ooo people are allowed per district. The games help decrease the number of people. Oh Ya, there is also only a quarter of the world left, just enough land for North America to stay on. They call these games, the Hunger Games.


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   I ripple my reflection staring back at me in the creek. My long, blonde hair is in two braided pig tails. I am wearing my favorite dress. It has green stems full of leaves starting at the bottom and crawling up to my neck. it is tight by my chest, and gets fuller like a ball gown as it works it's way down, stopping at my knees. Derek got it for my birthday last year, and even though I have grown a couple inches since then, I still make it fit. It's special to me, and I want to wear it as long as possible before I absolutely can't wear it anymore. It's not the ideal thing to wear when you're hunting, but the drawings are in about ten minutes, and I don't feel like going back home to get ready. 

   I hear a rustle far off in the distance. Squirrel. I strain my ear to where I can hear where it's exactly at. Behind me, a little to the east, and halfway up a tree. I have developed ears like a hawk, since I need them for hunting.

   I carefully whip out an arrow and position it on my bow. I quickly turn around and let the arrow fly through the air. It stabs the squirrel perfectly through the eye, pinning it to the tree.

   "You know you're not that bad of a hunter for being 12." a voice says near off.

    "Not bad? huh. I say I'm pretty darn good." I reply.

    The voice nears the tree and eyes the squirrel.

    "Uhh, you know that's mine. I killed it fair and square."

   "Yah, I know, just getting it down for you."

    He unpins the squirrel and throws it to me. I catch it and stick it in my old hunting sack. The boy is in my class at school. He has dark brown hair, blue eyes and is about two inches taller than me.

   "You ready for the drawings?" I asked

    "No. But I guess I don't have an opinion on it. They'll still go on."

    He looks far off into the distance. Searching...searching for something.

    The boy's name is Garrett. Garrett Smith. His brother was killed in the games last year and ever since then he hasn't been the same. His mom committed suicide after his brother was killed in the games, so now Garrett lives with his Grandma. I do feel bad for him, but nobody has a happy life in district 12, so it's something he'll have to get over, just like the rest of us do.

   "The drawings starts in...5 minutes." the leader of district 12 says over the intercom.

    "We better get up there...you know, you wouldn't want to be late." Garrett says sarcastically.

    He takes off towards the grandstands.

   My stomach suddenly flips. I just now realize that I may never see Garrett again. He could be drawn, along with all my other classmates. I like Garrett. Not in a love type fashion, but...he somehow always understood me. If I was sitting in class worrying about how I was going to find more food, he could always see the worry in my eyes. Usually, he would tap on my shoulder and make a joke, or ask me "Rough night?" Then he would laugh. He always would make me feel better...somehow.

    "Well, let's go." Derek says, interrupting my silence.

    I groan. Not wanting to do anything but hunt. That's something a 12 year old girl shouldn't have to say. All I do is hunt, worry, starve, hunt, then worry again. Then it starts all over. Every day. Who knows? Maybe I will be drawn, win, then live happily ever after in the capitol. No. People like me don't have that kind of life. Only two people have ever won the hunger games from our district. That was 75 years ago. The people are probably dead by now. District 12 is the least important district. Our district grows most vegetables, and provides a little water. Wow. Like who wants to eat vegetables.

   I get up, throw the hunting sack, arrows, and bow in the hut, then make my way to the grand stands. totally unprepared for what comes next.



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