Baby, You & I (17+)

This story is about a beautiful
Brunette who falls in love with the new kid. She get bullied by a guy that likes a her. Will she fall for this bully? Or will she stay with the one she loves?

(17+ sex scenes are descriptive)


19. Telling Harry.

Niall drive us to school the next day. Good thing it was Friday. I have decided to tell Harry I'm gunna pull him from lunch to tell him. I wish it was only Niall's so I wouldn't have to worry about it. Stupid mistakes can cause you a lot of problems.

I have English first and I sat next to this kid named Cody. "Hey" he smiled at me. "Hey" I forced a smile, only because I have had to much on my mind. "What's wrong?" I don't know why but feel like I could tell him. "You know my boyfriend Niall?" He nodded and I sighed. "You know Harry? Harry styles" he got wide eyed and nodded slowly. "I'm pregnant a d I'm having twins, well two. One is Harry's.... And the other is Niall's.... I'm so scared.... I have no idea... What I'm going to do... I'm not ready for a baby.... And I don't want Harry's child...... I... Was stupid.... And.. And" he pulled me close and pet my hair. "Shhhhhhhhhh.... It will be okay. You will have everything figured out before you know it" I looked up at him and smiled. "I bet my make-up is everywhere isn't it?" I giggled and he chuckled. "Just right here" he wiped below my eye and gave me 2 thumbs up.

Time seemed to be going way to fast where soo enough it was lunch. I had my plan in mind and rethought it over. I saw Harry and my heartbeat began to quicken. I slowly walked over to him. His whole table was laughing but stopped when the saw me. "Harry can I talk to you" I looked at him he smiled and nodded. I walked outside and he followed. "Harry I'm pregnant" he smiled and hugged me. "Congrats!" I smiled and chuckled and twitter my fingers. He started to walk away awkwardly. "Wait" he sighed and came back over to me. "What?" He put his hands on his hips. "I'm having twins..... And one is Niall's.......... And......... The other is yours" he jaw dropped. The long he waited to say something made me scared. I was on the edge of tears. "Is that possible? Are you sure one is mine not both? Or both are ni..... Yours boyfriends?" I nodded he sighed. "Listen I'm here if you need me. Okay?" I nodded. "But I have one thing I need you to do." I stopped him from leaving again. "I am going to keep care of the baby till he or she starts to crawl. Then he or she is yours. I only want me and Niall's. That is all I want I do not want child are I rather you just take the baby because after all your the one who created the thing." He sighed and scratched the back if his neck. "Only if you let he help with this baby and make sure the twins see and hangout sometimes. After all they are brothers or sisters or both" I nodded and hugged him. "Thank you Harry" he nodded and we walked back inside.

I sat next to Niall. "How did it go?" He asked and kissed my cheek. "Good he was ordering more than I wanted from him" he smiled and intertwined our fingers. I loved Niall he was always there. And I'm so happy Harry offered to have the kids meet sometimes. I'm mean that is what I wanted. If that is all the kids I'm gunna ever have that is all they have after me and Ni pass.

Later that day^*^^

We got home and Niall put me down in the couch. "I'm making popcorn and we are going to watch a movie, your pick" he yelled on his way to the chicken and I picked out dear john. He came back with the popcorn and we cuddled. It was starting to get cold outside because it was the middle of October. I laid my head on his chest. He was about to take popcorn when I reached my hand in and grabbed what he was about to grab. He looked down at me and smiled. I smirked and took a handful and threw a piece at him. He smirked. "Oops" I said sarcastically and he threw the whole handful down my shirt. I stood up and went behind him and rubbed them in his hair. "Hey!" He yelled and I leaned I front of his face and kissed him upside down. I walked around the couch without breaking contact and I sat on his lap. He broke the kiss casually. "Your so beautiful" I blushed and pecked his lips. "Your are so handsome, and deserve way better than me" I said and he punch me in the arm playfully. "You deserve better than me" I looked at him shocked. "How? Your perfect!" I yelled at him and he kissed me. "No you are" he kissed me passionately. I never wanted to loose this boy he meant the world to me.

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