Baby, You & I (17+)

This story is about a beautiful
Brunette who falls in love with the new kid. She get bullied by a guy that likes a her. Will she fall for this bully? Or will she stay with the one she loves?

(17+ sex scenes are descriptive)


4. So Sweet

We were in the middle of the movie when my phone rang. I looked at it and saw a unknown number. I looked over at Hayley and she was asleep. I put my phone on snooze and picked her up carefully, hopeing she wouldn't wake up. I brought he upstair and into my room. I layed her down and grabbed a chair. I sat down and studied her. He hair fell carelessly around her face. Her make-up was almost off. She looked so peaceful. I with I could show her how

Much she ment to me. She meant a lot. Helping me in my first day and saying yes to being my girlfriend. I got a white t-shirt and some boxers and I put them on her. I like seeing her in my clothes, she looked so cute. Sense she was sleeping over she was goin to need clothes for tomorrow. I took the clothes she was wearing and I got in my car and I drove off to the mall.

I walked in, and went into PAC sun. I found some skinny jeans, they were lighter jeans and it had rips I compared the size to the one she was wearing. Small. I went tithe back of the store and got her some combat boot, they were black with pink flowers. I checked out and headed into a misc store, had most everything and most brands. I walked to the one direction items and smiled, I missed being in that band. Our contract ended last year, so I told the boys to act like we knew each other when we were young. I found a pink jock jacket with a N on the front and Horan on the back. I smiled and got a black tank with it and I checked out. I was happy with my choices. I headed back home and went upstairs to my bedroom.

She was still sleeping, so I took off my shirt and pants and crawled into bed with her. I put my arm around her and fell asleep.

Hayley's POV

I felt someone sit down next to me. I turned over and looked who it was. Niall. Wait. I was not on the couch. I'm in his room! And he is in bed with me. I lifted the covers. Half naked. I looked down at what I was wearing. T-shirt and boxers, I was confer table but how did I get in these. I know I didn't drink so why didn't I remember get up changing and getting into Niall's bed? I looked around and saw a misc and PAC sun bag. I got out of bed and looked at the time 5:30 only 1 hour an a half till school. I looked in the bags, clothes... I thought for a moment. He must have carried me, changed my clothes, and go buy me clothes. He is so sweet. The only think that scared me is if he saw my scars. Ever sense last year after winter break I have been bullied really badly, by a kid name Ed. He teased me told me I was fat. I cut my thighs and sides knowing no-one would see unless I went swimming. I starved myself and was bulimic. I hated for being that way but once I didn't I couldn't stop, no pain no game. I got my weight to a earthly weight of 115 but it was only 75 pounds. I didn't looked good or heathy. I went to Niall and woke him up. "Get up sleepy, time for school" he yawned and stretched. "Good morning beautiful" I smiled and got him up. "I'm hungry can you make breakfast" I said with a puppy face. He looked shocked "so you woke me up to make you breakfast? Fine. Only if you stay again tonight." He said coldly and stretched again. I nodded and kissed his cheek. "Thanks babe" I said right before he left.

I put on the cloths they bought me. I put on the black tank and looked at the N Horan pink jock jacket he got me. It was sooooo cute! I put on the rest of my clothes and did a full body turn and I realize I didn't have my hair done nor did I have make-up on. I ran to the bathroom and saw his mom doing her hair. "Mrs. horan? Do you have make-up and a curling iron I can use? Oh and a brush?" She smiled and nodded she got out her bag and plugged in the curling iron. I curled my brown hair that went down into my belly button. I put on mascara, powder, blush, and eyeliner and called it good. I ran downstairs and hugged Niall from behind. He told me to twirl and I did. "Please, don't get anymore beautiful or else I might be to ugly to be called your boyfriend." I punched him in the arm. "You better not get anymore perfect before you are to perfect for me." I kissed him on the cheek. We had eggs and bacon for breakfast and they were really good! "Your and amazing cook!" He blushed stood up and took a bow. "Thanks! I learned it from my mom!" He smiled and headed to get his backpack I followed him and we went to the car. Before we shut the door he shouted "Off the school mom!" And we got in the car and headed to school.

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