The Life of Liliana



1. Introduction


Hi I'm Liliana but you can call me lili. I am the 4th oldest out of my brothers & sisters. Keep in mind that we are vampires, witches, were wolfs, and mermaids. My oldest is Kevin, he is 18 years old. He would die for us. He is like a dad. Next its John but he likes to be called J.r, he is 17 years old. Then its Alexandra a.k.a Alex. She is really cool. You can tell her anything, she is 16 years old. Then its me I am 15 years old. Last but not least is the twins Marrie & Carrie. Marrie is older by 15 seconds. They are both 14 years old.

Authors note- Im sorry I put this in the story again just wanted people to see it if they didn't get a chance to do so but thanks for reading my story hope you like c:

BTW they birthday is late and they started school late because Kevin is in the 12th grade and graduates at 19. Just saying.

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