The Life of Liliana



3. Chapter 2

As all of us walked towards mom she said "We are a family mixed with Mermaid, Werewolf, Vampire, and Witches."

"What" I screamed terrified.

"Today is the day you guys will receive your powers." said mom.

" So your telling me we receive our powers on the 21 of October which is today."

All of our birthdays is on the 21st of October but we are all a year apart except the twins of course.

I cant believe it, why didn't you tell us before."

Mom said in a sorry voice "Honey I didn't want to tell you until you got you powers."

My brothers eye started turning red.

I looked at mom and said "Mom look at Kevin."

She said "I know just leave him alone."

As I looked at mom I saw something in her eyes saying there was something else going on as I looked at Carrie it looked like she knew too.

Carrie worriedly said " Mommy is everything ok?" mom replied and said "Well you guys remember you father."

Kevin interrupted and said "Yeah the one who abandoned us when you had Carrie and Marrie."

I knew something was up when she brought up or father just when I was about to say something mom said "well he is coming to visit , he is coming to California."

I looked at mom with confusion in my face and said " Is he coming to stay with here with us."

Mom said " Well no." All of us took a deep breath with relief.

But Kevin eyes started turning red again.

"I think I know." said Kevin in an angry voice.

I looked at Kevin with a weird face and responded "How do you know." he responded "I just read her mind."

In my head I was thinking wow we can do that too, then I heard my brothers voice in my head I looked at him and he nodded knowing exactly what I was talking about.

I knew that since he is older he receives his powers first.

Back to dad "Where is he going to stay?" l Well..... well what? mom said "I'm sorry but you guys have to stay with him for 3 months ."

WHAT WHY? I asked mom. I turned around and saw j.r. his eyes started turning red too.

I went up to him and said its ok just calm down. "uhhhh. I cant believe you mom."

I see Alex and her eyes started turning red.

For now no one an touch water or you will see your mermaid side so be careful and don't be seen in half fish form.

Also don't look at the moon because you will feel the urge to get into the water the moon will also release your werewolf side and we don't want to see them collide.

You will be hungry often and want to drink blood which is understandable just don't let others see you though.

Don't get too mad or your eyes will turn red.

Mom looked at all of us as she spoke.

I knew I had to listen because everything she says has a reason at the end.

"So when are we leaving" asked Alex.

"On Friday" said mom. What I said.

I felt my body wanting to attack, Carrie came to me telling me my eyes are red.

I try to hide them though. I felt something heavy in my mouth it was my fangs.

We all had our hangs but ours went back to normal except for Kevin.

Next thing I knew Kevin was jumping from wall to wall uncontrollably.

I screamed "Get down" hoping he would listen.

He calmed down then mom told us to start packing.

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