Lucy had the bestest friend ever! Mr Liam Payne. They've been best friends since she can remember but when she's asked to be hired as Liam's girlfriend by management, their relationship is put to the test...


1. The Intruder

"Lucy! Lucy!" I heard the familiar voice of my best friend Liam Payne yell in his attempt to wake me up. It was not going to happen though. I was perfectly comfortable and was making no plans to move any time soon.

"LUCY!" He screamed, his voice going an octave deeper than usual. My tired eyes shot open. That was his angry voice. Liam was scary when he got angry.

"I'm up! I'm up!" I shouted as I leaped from underneath the covers in one quick, swift movement.

"Good!" He laughed as he gently patted my head. Quickly, he exited the room and trudged downstairs sounding like an elephant since he was so heavy footed. I peered at my alarm clock also known as my worst enemy. Waking me up in the morning and breaking the very healthy relationship my bed and I shared. Sometimes I wish I could throw it out of the window, then race down to collect it, burn it, throw it's ashes in the bin and then burn the bin!

The alarm clock displayed the time: 10am! 10am! That was so early! For me it was anyway!

"Why are we up so early?!" I half spoke half yelled down the stairs.

"10 am is not early and I have to get to rehearsals!" Liam quickly and loudly replied. I think sometimes he forgets his voice is considerably deeper than the average human beings, and shouts when it's really not nessaserry.

Now I understood. Liam had rehearsals with his band - One Direction. Yes, the world famous boyband and I was best friends with all of them. Before you ask I knew Liam before all of the fame so I'm not in it for the money. We'd been living together for about 1 year before his X Factor audition and have been ever since. But we are just friends. Nothing more.

Anyway, Liam hated being late and always had to be the first one there which was unfortunate for me as it meant getting up early! I had to go with Liam because he takes me everywhere with him since the incident...

It happened about two years ago. Liam had gone out with the boys and left me home alone. It was getting late and I made the sensible descision of going to bed. As I was climbing underneath the covers and getting ready for my favourite part of the day, I heard a clatter downstairs. I didn't think much of it as our flat is constantly making the strangest noises however, I decided to investigate.

I entered the kitchen, flickered on the light and was immediately shoved against the wall. The intruders face so close to mine our noses were practically touching, his breath smelt like he had gotten quite merry that dreadful night.

"WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?!" I screamed at him.

"I'm obviously not going to tell you my name! That would be stupid!" He replied. I suppose he was right. I mean, if anything was going to happen that meant him possibly being imprisoned he wasn't going to tell the victim his name.

He smiled a wicked smile before pulling out a shiny item. It glinted underneath the bright light and it took my eyes a second before making out what is was. A knife.

Now, you might expect the typical happy ending where the hero (in this case Liam) just coincidently waltzing in and kicking the bad guy's ass but unfortunately what happened was actually quite the opposite.

This random intruder decided to stab me in my leg for some unknown reason. And let me tell you, the pain was excruciating! I screamed an agonising scream and placed my hand on the wound in an attempt to stop the bleeding however when I pulled my hand away, it look liked I'd just killed someone! My hand and my leg were drenched with blood and I collapsed to the ground and passed out.

I don't remember much after that apart but I do remember suddenly waking up in an unfamiliar environment. I was surrounded by bright lights and was lying in an uncomfortable bed. It smelled like plastic and I figured out I was in hospital. I think the fact up I was wearing a long hospital robe gave it away.

There was a vase of wilting flowers on the stand next to my bed. How long had I been passd out for? The only thing that kept a smile on my face was the fact that Liam was sitting right by my side the whole time. He said he'd come home to find me gasping for air and clutching my right leg. He'd also noticed the door had been opened and kind of put two and two together.

Luckily, the intruder had left by that point but he did leave a permanent scar on my right leg from where he stabbed me. We still don't know to this day why he'd invaded out house because nothing seemed to be out of place but we just shrugged it off.

Anyway, that's basically why Liam wants me to go everywhere with him but I don't mind because I certainly would not like to be harmed again thank you very much!

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